Ticats D Coaching Structure

Given todaysnews and also the news that Jerry Glanville will be joining the staff, I thought it'd be interesting to speculate on how the D staff will end up.

A source told me that Lolley and James Stanley are out, so that leaves the DC position open. I'm guessing Glanville assumes the role of DC with Coach O assisting him? I'd be curious to see if Dennis McPhee could maybe get a promotion.

Interesting times... very surprising to see that Lolley will be out considering I think he rescued our D a bit in the 2nd half of the season.

In an online article Drew Edwards just posted, he implied that Glanville will be the new DC.

OMG, I sure hope not. Come on, nobody wants a long retired and CFL rookie coach as their D Coordinator. Maybe he gets propped up as a promise made to June Jones as a parameter of taking the job and have Steinhauer make all the play calls and coach the D in all night games that end past 10pm (Glanville's bed time is 9:30).
This great news is met with potential bad news IMO.
Lolley over Glanville ANY and every DAY OF THE WEEK

Lolly did very good in the last 11 games, but there were some glaring issues that prevented wins (cough cough Calgary). Don't forget, Coach O is the Assistant Head Coach and, I'm sure, will have... input... on Glanville's schemes...

Lolley out and Glanville in according to Twitter.

Confirmed on 3downnation:


Lolley to Arblows in 3..2..1

My take if Glanville is named DC
FLASHBACK to last years 1st half

Leave it to TC fans to spin something negative after weeks of positive, constructive moves. Its like they need to.

was lolley that good of a d coordinator, OR WAS Jeff's D calling THAT bad?

Lolley Did a great job! So what does June’s golf (BUDDY) bring to the table ? running a D ?!

LOL !!! I'm not really sure what June's golf (BUDDY) will bring to the table BUT I'm willing to bet that whatever he brings to the table will be while he's driving a golf cart . ;D

Lolley has exactly 10 games experience as a professional Defensive Coordinator.(last year)inheriting the job when Reinebold was demoted.
He inherited that defence, he did not build it from training camp.
All his other 4 seasons of pro ball were 2 seasons as ESKs LB Coach where he was let go and 2 seasons as SSK's LB coach where he was also let go

When June Jones took over the team and the Offense improved, magically the defence looked better.

The 2 games Lolley was DC before June Jones, the defence gave up 39 points at home to WPG and then another 37 points at home to OTT

I always hate the prospect of change, and if Lolley is out and Glanville is in, I can only pray it is not another Jeff for Olondo debacle!

I think everyone needs to understand what this is.It is not a spin. It is ridiculous. They are hiring a coach to lead the D with no CFL experience.He was last a DC for one season @ Hawaii 2005-06. Before that he was last a DC in 1985. So my math isn't great but he was a DC for a University one season in the last 33 years. Well, that seems like an odd hire to me. Meanwhile a brilliant and experienced OS oversees things instead of runs the D. HMMM, not sure why.I think think those that aren't asking questions aren't paying attention.

Lolley turned a demoralized trainwreck into only moderately effective.

A lot of others could have done that too. And since a team should always strive to be better than just average there was nothing insulating Lolley from a change at DC.

Like Masoli over Collaros this is Junes' call and he owns the consequences. Theres no blaming Austin

Alone this move would be dubious but adding Steinauer will be the safety switch if Glanville cant make something happen.

This is a strange hiring ! But heck caretaker signs the cheques so it must be OK !$
I’m sure our D stats will greatly improve !

Gotta give you credit for this one... No matter how it turns out you're not going to be able to say you weren't committed.

As a Cat supporter, I couldn’t give one Bone about who will take the fall/who gets blamed! I dont want it to go there and would rather get these guys ( with no or little CFL experience) away from making decisions. A D-coordinator without CFL D experience is suicide!! How the heck did TiCat management allow this? Another June Jones catastrophy, much like the Brilles incident. Like I have been saying, I AM NOT A June Jones Fan whatsoever!! He is going to sink us. Bringing in Glanville is another hole in the boat’s hull!

If blackandgold was creating some kind of acrostic poem yesterday, he must be speaking Swahili . HSUSWDFBOYK might be some kind of Russian algorithm or source code to the Run and Shoot Offense . If it was just an exercise in venting, then I get it . If it suggests conspiracy theories then I'm going with the lady with the blue hair on the grassy knoll. ::)I never trusted Marge right from the beginning .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)