Ticats cut Porter.

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost 10m
The #Ticats have also released QB Quinton Porter... one of the most interesting people I've ever covered. Too bad it never quite worked out

Not a surprise. I would like to thank QP for all his contributions to the team and the city and for always being a great guy to chat with. Total class act. All the best to him

Quinton Porter can play in this league. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the Peg, Ottawa, or even Montreal. I wish him and his young family all the best.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Sorry to see QP go. Great team guy and never heard him complain. I hoped Austin would give him a look that the last coach never did. Don't be surprised one day if we hear people say "Why did we every let Porter go". I think there was some guy named Calvillo we did that to. Thanks and good luck Quinton.

He should have been cut last season. These are harsh words for a nice guy,
but nice guys don't necessarily win football games.

Good luck to him in the future.

I think the Cats missed the boat on this one. This guy was never given a real chance to show what he could do. I hope he catches on with another team and comes back to burn us good.

Cortez's attitude last season wrote this story at camp last year. Porter's fate was sealed by an oldschool narrow minded coach.

I always saw potential in him but he was never in the right situation in the CFL. I have an NFL Europa game with Porter starting from 2007 and he played a great game. This was before he came to the CFL and it showed what he can do in the right situation.


Oh good lord yes he was. He was given multiple chances to take the starter's position and make it his own. He failed.

Now I grant you he wasn't given an opportunity last season (and why would he be, given the way Hank was playing), but in seasons' past he was given every opportunity, and aside from a good game here and there, he was not able to take the job and run with it.

People always raise the Calvillo example. But come on, how many QBs released by the Cats, OTHER THAN Calvillo, have ever gone on to accomplish anything of note? Timmy Chang? Adam Trafalis? Timm Rosenbach? Steven Taylor? Billy Dicken? Richie Williams ? The list is endless. . . AC is clearly the exception, and I don’t see anything in QP that reminds me of AC.

And, more importantly, neither apparently did Kent Austin, who likely knows a heck of a lot more about playing quarterback in the CFL than I ever will.

Some people are saying he never got a chance on our team.
QP had every opportunity to win the starters role on this team.
He was the starter one season and lost it to Kevin Glenn who was brought onto the team as his backup.
He has been on the team since 2008, that is what I call an opportunity to show what he has.
Unfortunately he couldn't progress for whatever reason.
I wish him the best and it is true he carried himself well on the team.
It is time for someone else to get an opportunity.

As long as the first read was open Porter was fine.

I'm sorry to see Quinton Porter go, but I have a feeling a change of scenery will do him good. I thank him for his contributions in Hamilton, and I wish him every success in his football career going forward. I hope he catches on with another team soon.

All the best Quinton. Class guy whenever I spoke to him - probably a great team mate.

Thought we might have kept him another year and left him exposed to the Ottawa expansion. Not exactly sure how the expansion will work but would hate to see another young QB prospect lost.

I'm sure Austin has a specific young gun in mind who he wants to bring in to be the next Burris.

Agree totally with you MadJack. Also with Ockham's observation -- "As long as the first read was open Porter was fine."

he was money when we needed 2 yards or less. I never doubted he wouldnt get the first down in those situations. Our section always cheered when he came in on 4th and 1.

Sad to see Porter go I thought he could have been a starter with a little mentorship. I see him resurfacing somewhere else
and having the potential to do very well. The sad thing about the Tiger Cats is the coaching staff does not and can not develope a quarter back. Another person posted a list of quarterbacks who have come and gone and who have not shown any future potential. I certainly hope this known problem will change with "Austin 3:16" and he has a few NCAA quarterbacks in mind to bring to camp. Most if not all of us saw this one coming.

I not sure what to think. I was a porter fan, but his feet never quit moving, he seemed to be dancing out there. And as one guy said after the first read ,he was lost.

Yeah, those fourth-down plays are really important in the CFL. :wink:

The reason I compare AC to QP is their time in Hamilton was similar. AC came here after a year with the Las Vegas Posse, and was to be the backup to Dunigan as I recall. Dunigan had career ending concussion problems and AC stepped in and was doing alright on a bad team. The following year he was the starter and the face of the franchise. Lot of expectation and pressure on a young QB. It didn't go to well for him or the team. In 98 Lancaster and McManus came to town and AC was let go in favor of Cody Ledbetter. I thought letting AC go at that time was a mistake. He could have worked under McManus like he did under Ham in Montreal.

Now there's QP. Made the team a backup the Jason Mass. There was a lot of expectation of this team but most of us remember how Mass worked out. Near the end of the year, QP got some playing time and did pretty good, set the team game passing record in a game against Montreal, I believe. The Next year QP was given starter money and was the face of the Franchise. (Sound familiar) Since things didn't go to well and I think QP got hurt, the team went to Glenn and stayed with him since he had the hot hand and got the team to the playoffs. The next year QP took less money and would back up Glen. Good move to learn from experience. The team didn't play its best and when QP got into games during the first part of the year, they were already lost. Near the end of the season QP and Glen rotated. The O line was not very good and neither player had much time past the first read and I would say their play was equal.

Last year came Burris who was doing a good job and QP never got a sniff to show anything. Now we'll have to see if the time with Hamilton will payoff with another team.

I can't say QP will be the next AC or Ricky Ray, but I don't think the chances he was given were at the right time or situation. Just my thoughts for what their worth.