Ticats cut Goodspeed


This March 1st, Obie isn't willing to swallow the bonus that the Bombers swallowed last March 1st.

As the above blog states, Jason Jimenez will probably now be contacted by Hamilton. He has a history with O'Billovich, and would be an adequate, cheaper replacement for Goodspeed.

thanks for the info, but does this really belong in the Bomber forum??

....only because he 'might' draw some interest here....Dan did like the Peg... however his age and price-tag might be undesirable at this present time....I still think he's still got lots left in the tank....but who's willing to take a chance on him...all things being considered..????? :roll:

id offer him a contract similar to Jauary, and let the best man win come tc

The Ticats have just announced that they have signed Jason Jimenez to replace Goodspeed.

Goodspeed priced himself right out of a job.

I don't think anyone will pay him close to the $180K he was making.

He could still play another year or two, but it would have to be at a substantial reduction in pay, imo.

And Jimenez, what can you say ? All those BC QB's with mush for brains should be enough to tell you that this guy is no Goodspeed at the blind side tackle spot. Hammy's QB's will have scrambled brains by Labour Day.

Jimenez will do just fine in Hamilton. He was released from BC due to money.

He was let go dew to his Aggressive playing stile!..and Money! Goodspeed overall was our weekends O line Good move for the tabbies! Look to see Goodspeed go to Sak as they never care about the salary cap!

didnt jiminez low bridge someone last year or the year b4 from calgary and broke the guys leg? the guys a pretty dirty player from what i understand. im not sure his release from bc had everything to do with money, pretty sure it had to with his how he played and how often he got beat and the fact that he did resign last year for big money, yeah didnt help his cause either.

knowlton,floyd,jml johnson... jiminez.. might aswell call them the hamilton lions.

The league tried to suspend him but the CFLPA fought it and he wasn't but the incident was the reason the player safety standards were introduced in October, 2008.

True, but he doesn't play left tackle.....at least not when Murphy was there.

Add Matt Kirk and Matt Carter to that list as well lol.........and Bo Smith when he gets cut from the J-E-T-S jets jets jets.

well, and being a pylon with a dirty streak…and with Kevin Glenn as your qb, that’s probably the last thing you want…

Well, according to on in two,

The Ticats have just announced that they have signed Jason Jimenez to replace Goodspeed
All the more reason to worry if your Kevin Glenn. :lol:

.....Didn't Jimenez play the side of the o line, where the big rush came from ,that gave Pierce all of those headaches and blown-out shoulder....Message to Glenn in catville....better get a good set of nikes for those wonky legs....you're gonna need em.... :lol: :lol:

Unless Goodspeed is willing to take a big cut, and compete with January and/or Morley for a job, I'm ok with the guys we already have.

In the Winnipeg Sun (near the bottom of the article):

Goodspeed’s agent, Ron Del Duca, indicated his client might go back to the U.S., perhaps in the fledgling United Football League.