Ticats cut Brock Campbell

Markeith Knowlton is back but if he or Jamal Johnson etc.

get injured Brock Campbell is only a phone call away

If one of the recently added practice roster guys is a linebacker

The Ticats will not throw them into a game before calling Brock.


Ticat football operations people with the help of our scouts and birddogs in the States
work year round to identify talented CFL type American players to try to get them

up here so football operations can see them in person to better assess them

Right now our practice roster is expanded to 12 players for a short time

so it is an excellent time for American players to come up here to
see if they like the situation and want to come back in the Spring.

Football ops likely wants to see as many guys as they can get to come up here

8) WOW, "jordan02", there is a blast from the past !!
  I had forgotten about that guy....what was he nicknamed...the incredible hulk ??

  Yep, another so called future star middle linebacker, who just faded into oblivion  after the cats released him !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
8) Why would anyone pick him up ??? Just because he won a Def. POW award ???
  Another one game wonder !!!

  Don't kid yourself,  if he was that good, the Cats would not have released him  !!  Don't forget, he hadn't played pro ball 
   since 2009 !!

   Same story for Bruce Davis !!  Everyone raved about him, and he only played one game for us !!!

What the hell do the Cats know about who is good or not? Just look at what players they have released in the last year or so and match that up to their current record. :cowboy:

I reallly hope there is other motives behind this other than the TiCats all to common "We are going in a different direction" or that pathetic motto "better is better"...i used to be a firm believer that "better is better" would take us to the cup.

If the move is a cause of one of the two latter statements above I truly have lost faith in our managment team. This team has been a half baked product for the last ten years. Maybe we should try being a bit more patient with our players instead of this revolving door ideaology Obie has been clinging onto and now Cortez seems to be following to a tee.

I hate these cuts.
That is all

Wasn’t he supposed to be our replacement for Zeke Moreno or am I mistaken? You’re right. But Campbell did seem to play well for more than one game. What about Tay Cody, who actually was our DPOY nominee? Is Jykine Bradley still in the league? Boy could he hit!

If this young guy stays here it will just wreck his career.This team just isn't smart enough and one man won't make a team. :cowboy: