Ticats cut Brock Campbell

Brock Campbell was released by the Ticats today. I thought he played well for us when given the chance and also won a Defensive POW award... what gives?

This coaching staff is beyond infuriating. This guy had serious potential and even won an award. There have been some very questionable releases under the Cortez regime. Some of the DBs released in training camp were starting to show promise late last season and were axed for some reason. What about Craig Ray? I re-watched some earlier games on the PVR and he played very well and had a few TD saving tackles. Given time he might have developed into a very good safety.

Why is BC's defense so formidable? Most of their DBs have several years of experience and have gelled together as a group. When they lose a couple then Wally goes after guys like Parker and Shell because he knows the importance of this position.

Honestly, who the hell are most of these guys on our defense? Before we get a chance to even get to see what the player can do he is already out the door. Cortez is looking at band-aid fixes for a gaping wound and with him as dictator we will never have any continuity. Players like Campbell, Turenne, Craig Ray all showed potential and should still be here evolving their skills and as a result maybe next year we would have a more cohesive team.

I'm sorry to see Campbell go too. He played with some energy when some other players didn't. I thank him for his time here and wish him well.

Like Krisiun I scratch my head over some of the moves made this year.

Its possible that Campbell has an NFL tryout opportunity. Could be an explanation.

I also thought Brock Campbell played well considering his limited time in the Hammer. Yes, I will agree it frustrates the hell out of me as well when the coaches decide to cut a person who showed some potenial. I don't believe Cortez or Chamblim have a handle on talent and if they keep cutting people who show potenial, it won't take long for any of player agents to realize The Hammer is a not a great place to play football. I understand Cortez was dealt the hand regarding talent found by Obilovich, but this latest transaction is mind boggleing considering some of players who are still with the team. I'm sure we could all make a list of players who should be gone immediately. In Buffalo, who was the quarterback coach? Did this person (fill in the blanks) actually believe Fitzpatrict is worth keeping? Did this person recomend to the HC who was worth keeping on the roster? Un-fricking-believable.

Turenne, Mullinder, Ray & Campbell were all keepers.

Collins and Means may have been as well.

I still think Bruce Davis was the best player on that list of cuts today and im pissed we cut him. I agree with almost everyone on here the cats cant evaluate talent, im not sure why but we really suck at it.

It's common practice to release practice roster players at the end of the season and to bring them back in training camp. Cats did that with Chris Williams when he was assigned to the pr when he first arrived..

I don't agree with some of the moves this administration has and are making but I have to believe that there is a master plan in effect. Otherwise I'll go mad. I know Cortez and his crew have puzzled most of us all season and he better have something better planned for next season cuz I don't think I can take another like the one we just had.
Caretaker, please get some quality help in here fast.

Those guys were good too, at least better than Tisdale.

You are right … I remember that.

Cortez and his crew of Bozo's have not a clue. Worst coaching staff in the league and even worse at seeing talent.

It’s not the end of the season yet. (The fat lady has finished warming up and is in the wings, but hasn’t hit the stage yet.)

Wow, I am starting to think Obie has implemented the CFL/Football version of money ball.

Don't be surprised if these guys asked to be released because they knew that they wouldn't play and could make more than the $500/week PR guys get doing something else (not saying this is what happened, but it is possible).

It is also entirely possible that they will return next year for training camp to try to earn a spot. Campbell and Davis impressed in limited playing time, so it wouldn't shock me at all if they were brought back next spring.

Don't be so quick to call the guys in charge idiots. There could be other motivations for releasing these guys and nothing says they can't be brought back.

He's just another disposable football player.

Good luck to him.

You’re quite right. I hope it turns out that way. They looked like they could be pretty good players.

Don’t understand cutting Brock Campbell. He played well and with all the injuries to our LBs, would have been good to keep him. Don’t think he’ll be around for training camp as someone will likely pick him up…he did win a Defensive POW award.

So did Cameron Siskowic.