Ticats cut 7 and sign NI kicker

From Drew Edwards' blog:

Ticats make cuts, sign Canadian kicker

"Hamilton, Ontario - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed non-import kicker/punter Josh Maveety.Maveety, a 6-2, 210-pound native of Kingston, Ontario, completed 20 of 28 field goal attempts with Bishop's last season. The Ticats have released the following players:

IMP WR London Crawford
IMP DB John Destin
IMP DB Derek Douglas
IMP DB Marcus Ezeff
IMP DE David Hicks
IMP LB Marty Mohamed
IMP OL Jason Thomas"

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/06/ticats-make-cuts-sign-canadian-kicker.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... icker.html[/url]

I see the team also posted this here today:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-transactions-june-22]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-tra ... ns-june-22[/url]

I feel bad for all of these guys, but it's part of the game. The signing is......interesting?

My guess is the kicker is more for development than playing this year. Just my guess..

The two DBs cut were on the short side on Saturday. Steve Milton said those positions got lit up.

The Canadian kicker is most likely for development and to be ‘on call’ in case of emergency. 20 for 28 isn’t great.

New post on Drew's blog with much more detailed info:

What the #Ticats roster moves mean (#CFL)

"Before we get to the morning's news, let's take care of some house cleaning first: here's my story from today's Spec on the lessons from the pre-season game.

Of course, those stories are already somewhat dated given the transactions this morning. Here's what they are and what I think they might mean:

The Ticats have released the following players:

IMP WR London Crawford

Crawford was injured in the last practice before the pre-season game and it basically crushed his chances. I just watched him say a couple of goodbyes to teammates, gather his locker room gear in a clear garbage bag and limp off the field. This is a hard game.

The team still has five import receivers on the bubble (Kelly, Grant, Williams, McDaniel, Watson.) Of those, two maybe three make the final roster depending on practice roster and injury.

IMP DB John Destin
IMP DB Derek Douglas
IMP DB Marcus Ezeff

This is the bloodletting following the pre-season game that saw the secondary get lit up by Argo quarterbacks Cleo Lemon and Dalton Bell. There's still a bunch of guys battling it out and Wednesday's game will likely be the deciding factor.

IMP DE David Hicks

Battle continues between Powell, Brown and Richardson for back up jobs behind Baggs and Hickman.

IMP LB Marty Mohamed

This means Brandon Denson is all but certain to be the back up middle linebacker and special teams ace, similar to the role Ike Brown played last year.

IMP OL Jason Thomas

This means Jack Julsing, Brian Simmons and Belton Johnson left competing for what is likely one starting spot and a practice roster spot.

The other interesting move is the signing of non-import kicker/punter Josh Maveety who completed 20 of 28 field goal attempts with Bishop's last season. My guess is that he's a long-term project and not an immediate threat to either Medlock or Wilbur.

Sitting out practice: DE Morice Richardson, S Dylan Barker, RB Daryl Stephenson."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/06/what-the-ticats-roster-moves-mean-cfl.html#comments]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... l#comments[/url]

He's guessing :?

Would you prefer not to hear anything about camp? What else are you going to know but what the media tells you when you live in Halifax?

The guy is a great writer in his 3rd year as the teams beat writer. He has been at camp working his ass off in interviews bringing all of us info. Because of his inside access with the team he can even point out things that people who attend camp don't see or hear.

Apparently he's "guessing" though.. it's his job to make those assumptions based on what the team tells him combined with what he see's himself and consults with Milton about. It's all based a lot more of fact than speculation. He can never be 100% sure about anything because he only knows what the coaches and players choose to tell him. You really need some proper perspective on the role he plays.

I guess any chance you can look at a descent none import kicker you take it.

Sounds like Maveety could be pretty good some day.

Gotta love it. :lol:

I remember reading that on his blog. This guy sounds like a great young prospect with some real upside. Ozzie's vote of confidence is a great endorsement for him.

To bad DeAngilis did not get that vote of confidence especially now that he is with the Als !

Good luck with that one trick pony. The guy can't even punt.

You think maybe there's a reason for that? Perhaps Ozzie didn't see in him what he sees in this guy?

You are probably right but I am hoping not :smiley:

So were we. :cry:

I noticed later in the game that Maveety was in to kickoff at least once and also kicked the extra point after the Grant rushing TD. Was good to see him in and he looked to have pretty good form.

He got 2 extra points and was also in for 2 kickoffs averaging 63 yards.