Ticats cut 3

Francis is just Special teamer I don't see him making an Impact.
Thomas maybe something but he been a backup too

No offense to you, but neither Obie nor Bellefeuille nor Chamblin is an all-knowing, all-seeing God. They're human beings, and can make mistakes just like anybody else. Basically, your dismissal of your fellow Cats fans amounts to telling them they should blindly trust management, which is well and good if you're into it, but not everyone feels that way. It's why a message board exists: to debate.

You either trust the people in place here to make the decisions or you dont.
Uh, no. It's not black and white like that. You'll find fans of any team who might have faith in their team's GM and coaches, but who aren't willing to endorse out of hand every decision management makes. It goes back to the purpose of any message board, which is to exchange opinions and debate issues.

Some fans would trust management even if they drafted a dead guy and started him at QB in the Grey Cup.

Some fans would criticize management even if they had just won four Grey Cups in a row. (we Als fans have one such type on this forum, sadly)

And some of us respect the football acumen of management but still feel we have the right to critique them as and when we feel they've made mistakes.

When he keeps his negative schtick in his own chatroom and out of here.

What's your point, if you know football you are entitled to be a jerk?

But supporting managment in a particular decision is an argument and part of the exchange of opinions too.

You dont have to be "all knowing" or "all -seeing".
You just have to be able to judge whether a backup DB is worth keeping. The accumulated football knowledge of all the people involved in this decision suggests trust can be placed in making the right decision, that, and a little common sense..

And if you dont trust it provide evidence why you think its wrong instead of just moping about it.

Want to critique management ? - knock yourself out- But if you want the critique to be meaningful and your arguments to carry weight then back it up with something . More often than not the sum total of data provided by the mopers and the negative -ers seems to be "bad things happened before so they'll happen again"....

That's a feeling or emotion and its not an argument or an opinion.

Of the 3 of them, I’m most sad to see Heyward go. I saw some flashes of greatness there, but I guess there weren’t enough of them. Too bad because he showed some potential.

I wish all 3 of these guys the best of luck.

Surprised they kept Thornton so long. Suggests they were willing to overlook the ugly dropped pass at one point but now have scouted or unearthed someone better at mini camp ?

I've coach so understand what there trying to do .
Once I see it a few times
But at same time as a Coach your looking at More
You break it down see where weak spot is .

what are the line Spits
are using zone blocking or man or Combo .
do use a short Passing game or is more down the field.

Do they Play 4-3 or 3-4 or 3-2-7
Do They sit back and wait for you make mistake
do they force them with blitz

I sit and watch a game on TSN
I'll break down in slow mo
I look at everything above and more

What play work or Why did It Fail.
I only wish I had coaches tape.
but TSN will have to do .

For me Football is more then a Game
It part of who I am

Pro football is alot different then pre-teen football, but glad you take pride in coaching them! Maybe one day the Cats would let you give them pointers!! :lol:

I was coaching Rep players two seasons ago ...
These are same players that will be drafted by CFL in 5 to 6 years.
But as a coach you learn understand Systems better then avg fan would .