Ticats cut 3

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/04/ticats-release-lb-shannon-james-db-will-heyward-wr-willie-thornton.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... rnton.html[/url]

Shannon James IMP LB
Will Heyward IMP DB
Willie Thornton IMP WR

Not Surprised about James or Thornton

But Heyward played well in a backup Roll and we got no DB's
What the heck is going on :thdn:

Drew thinks that we may be clearing house for a couple of Chamblin's DB's or at least his style of DB.

I know early 15 but Dam I don''t like this one bit..
this is going working great or be a huge bust
I am right now I am betting bust ..

James - Has nowhere to play even if he was starting calibre.

Heyward - Import DBs are ten a penny.

Thornton - See game 18.

Yea, I remember that quite vividly.

I'm surprised about Heyward though, he played well and can play both DB and corner.

Yes, but there are different types of DB's and obviously he doesn't fit the blitzing/ball hawking Chamblin D.Could we have found a Korey Banks in one of our US camps?

I sure hope so, i'm not saying we shouldn't have cut Heyward, i'm just a little surprised by the move. I think the team will start signing their import prospects soon (Or at least announce the guys they've already signed).

I believe we've already signed DB Derek Douglas (Hasn't been announced) who was in our rookie camp last year and impressed the coaching staff before getting hurt and then later released because of the injury.

Negativity on player personnel decisions runs like clockwork around here but what is the worry ?

Does anyone seriously think Obie, MB and Chamblin would cut Heyward if there was even the slightest chance he was worth keeping ?

They also got a DB from SSK practically hand picked by Womack, Francis, and another DB , Thomas, in the Medlock deal.

You either trust the people in place here to make the decisions or you dont. And if you don't you've got much larger problems than who could be a good DB.

Your negativity is the most predictable thing here. This is a chatroom. People come here to chat. When a player gets cut there is usually a variety of reactions. Some people will disagree with the decision. This phenomena occurs with all sports teams. You never miss any opportunity to lambast a TiCat fan making sweeping generalizations and spewing your downer crap. If the fans here irritate you this much try avoiding this chatroom and spend your time in that other talking to yourself.

The change in coaching and philosophy is the key in regards to giving a fair evaluation on quality in the defensive backfield.

Plenty of warnings given by fans of Marshall's previous teams to be wary of how he runs a secondary. Warnings accurate ? maybe but with Chamblin we're going to find out whether guys like Shivers, smith and Barker have a real future.

Oh rejoice! A non-negative zontar post. Sing to the mountains. Hope springs eternal.

Never shoulda let Heyward go, bad descion, but could care less about the other 2

Hey Ockham, when are YOU going to stick to discussing football instead of worrying about everything zontar jr. has to say? He knows and understands football more than you ever will.

No big deal. Bench players like that come and go all the time.

Good luck to them in their future endeavours.

Yeah...our secondary is right now a gaping hole. If we weren't so good at stopping the run, we would be in a lot of trouble. The DB situation needs to be addressed. I'm not going to say Heyward was the answer to all of our problems, but that is a gap we need to get filled.

X2 :thup:

I would not be overly concerned at this point. If the brain trust saw fit to release Heyward, I'm sure it's because they believe one of the new guys they have coming to camp is much better.

One of Obie main speeches is Better is better and an Other I don't mind Paying if They do well on the field.

I just want to see what Coming into camp and we all know what comes in May not stay ..

We've added Carlos Thomas and Daniel Francis, and that probably isn't even scratching the surface.There's plenty of time for more trades/signings before camp, relax.