Ticats Crossing the Line (D to O)

I see (on CFL transactions) that the club, this week, released Joel Van Pelt, their 8th Round pick in the ‘18 Draft, who returned to U. Calgary after last year’s training camp, here, and was brought back to this year’s Cats’ camp. He’d held a spot on the practice roster through all 16 games this season. He was following the lead of other university D-linemen like Mathieu Girard drafted in '14 and Kay Okafor ('17), who both “crossed the line” and are still with the club. Sheriden Lawley, on the PR, is this year’s draftee “cross-over.” Releasing Van Pelt, opened up a PR spot for the return, to it, of American DB Tevin Mitchel, who was “suspended” about 10 days ago.

Okafor and Girard looked good whenever they have been asked to play. The problem I have is that other then Wade, we don't have that much depth behind Laurent at DT.

I agree CC88. But, fortunately, the Cats have had the ratio flexibility to cover a loss of Laurent, as was the case in games 10 and 11.

That is true, but we were also starting 8 (6 off, 2 def) Canadians at the time, so we were able to flip out Laurent for Dean. We are now back to 7 (5 off, 2 def) unless STE comes back. If Teddy goes off and Wade is not in the game to back up, I assume Shorthill would replace Tuggle at MLB.

If STE was healthy it would be very tempting to roll out Tasker, Addison, Banks, Tucker and Acklin.

Try to stop that passing attack!!

What if Streveler were the QB? What would THAT look like?