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So far the impressives are: Rodgeriqus Smith, Willie Thornton, Rodney Van, Derek Douglas, Richie Rich, Brian Calhoun and Ray Wladichuk.

I still have trouble reading or hearing about someone named "Richie Rich"!! What's next? A QB named "Archie Andrews" or a receiver named "Jughead Jones"?

I'd rather have Moose on my team -- as a lineman, obviously. And Reggie would be good on defence since he's got a good mean streak going.

But if we're going to draft comic characters, the best pickin's can surely be found in the superhero genre.

Impressives from day 2:
Jason Vega DE, Reggie Fish WR, Burl Toler WR, Albert Smith DL, Cody Balogh OL

Derek Douglas suffered a serious knee injury and will likely be released.Too bad, he was supposed to be one of our best if not the best DB prospect.

Most impressive WR of the day had to be Reggie Fish, great hands, great moves, great speed.

Argo's release WR Matt Lambros, 2nd rounder from '09.
I think this kid should get a look in Hamilton with the departure of Corey Grant.

Tyler Scott, who was released by the Argos last week, is another available non-import receiver.


We had a DB in the sixties named Charlie Brown. He returned an interception in his own end zone for a TD - 115 yards in Hamilton. (I was there).

Charlie Brown 115 B.C. Aug. 16, 1969