Ticats Coming To London

Heard on the radio today London is this close to securing 3 or 4 Ticat games next year.
This is a coup for London.

Not only do we get CFL football for a year, we can also show what a great Canadian football town we are
Which would bode well for an expansion franchise in the future.

I hear they're gonna expand the endzone area.
It already seats 10000. Add another 10,000 temporary seats and it would work as a temporary home for the Ticats.
I know I'll be buying tickets to every game.

And don't worry about London's economy.
There's alot of old money in this city.
91% of the city is working. And those who do have money.

London Knights have 8,000 season ticket holders with a waiting list.
The Ticats would have no prolbem selling out a 20-21,000 seat stadium in London
Can't wait.

Looking forward to it, any excuse to go to my favourite Italian restaurant on Springbank Drive there. Deep fried panzarotti, yes! :thup:

Heart attack on a plate but so good.

Yeah should be a fun time.
Finally we will ahve something to do in the spring and summer sports wise.
This will give London national exposure, and a foot in the door for a CFL team.

And do you mean Fatty Patty's Earl?
Thats the only one on Springbank Drive I can think of.


Bad news.
I think they've closed down.

There is another Tony's on Dundas St downtown near the Western fair.
Went there once and found a fly in my lasanga.
Needless to say it was the last time I went there.

Closed down! :o :cry:

But as long as the one near the Western Fair is still open and they still make the panzarotti's deep fried, that's the one we used to go to years ago, well they also had a take out on Wharncliffe near where we used to live at the time.

BTW, was the fly still buzzing? 8)

Hate to break it to you, earl, but that tonys closed due to..inspection failure. Gross.

I actually thought it was some kind of a spice.
Like a pepper corn or something.
I almost ate it but decided to investigate further.
When I saw the wings that was it for any future trips to Tony's Pizza on Dundas!

Well maybe this is a test in London for sake of the magic 10th team for the actual expansion after the 9th returns?

Maybe Moncton was the prior test but failed for sake of the establishment for sake of any 10th team there?

If the league does this for London, it is committing far more to London than for Moncton and I’m all for it despite all the doubts I have been reading.

Despite the challenges for the Argos, you cannot convince me that there is not enough of a population in Ontario between Ontario and Windsor to support an additional team and a total of four teams from Ontario in the CFL. Whether the interest for those four teams will stick is another question.

In fact I am amazed that there are not three NHL teams in Ontario, but then again you have the junior scene with the OHL.

Unlike for London should these 3 or 4 games happen, for Quebec City I suspect it is not going to happen for the 10th team because I doubt in Quebec they want to divide the allegiance, interest, and budgets of the French-speaking fans.

I've always thought London was a darkhorse for CFL expansion and that it was a given that the Ti-Cats should play some of their game there while IWS2 is under construction. At very least, gives them a chance to expose their product to the people in SW Ontario.

Geroy CFL would be huge here.
London Knights season tickets are almost 1200 a pair.
And they've sold 8000 to a 9100 seat arena with a waiting list.

This could be the break London has been waiting for.
I know our mayor Joe Fo has been looking for ways to increase London's image in Canada.
What better way then with a CFL franchise

And as a word of warning to CFL fans coming to London next year.
If you eat anywhere on Dundas St between Adelaide and Highbury you take your life into your hands

Don't worry about selling out the stadium. I'm sure a substantial amount of the season ticket holder base will make the trip out. Hopefully we can get you guys chanting Oski Wee Wee!

benji are you talking about the quality of the food in the restaurants located there, or the quality of the inhabitants ?

I agree that this is great for London, but I strongly disagree with your take on the city's economy, but that's a topic for another thread. I think it'd be great if London could score a few games. I'd definitely buy tickets. The biggest reason I don't go to more Ti-Cats games is transportation, but if the games are in London, that's no longer an issue. As for London getting a team, I doubt it. Hamilton and Toronto get about 20,000 fans per game, and if you put a another team in this area, that number would drop. Still, fingers crossed that we get a couple games. :slight_smile:

That area where Tony's is located is not one you want to frequent.
Although they are trying to clean it up.

Stick with Richmond Row.
Lots of upscale bars and restaruants.
And its near Western.
And if you keep the wives home there's lotsa hot Western girls who hang out in this area. :wink:

And I think London having a team would have zero impact on Hamilton and Toronot.
Just like London having the Knights has zero impact on Windsor and Kitchener.

In fact another team would increase interest in this area.
Fans of the London team would travel to Hamilton or Toronto in droves.
And vice versa.

Damn it, I stand behind Tony's panzerroti! :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

OK, so I may have ingested some extra protein along with it the times I've eaten there, more for your money as they say. :wink:

Richmond Row more trendy, agree, east London, parts, aren't the best true enough but any city has some areas like that.

I would love seeing a team in London, when Ottawa comes back into the league, Winnipeg is likely going to be realigned back into the West division, and a team in London would balance things out. I mean lets be honest, the drive from London to Hamilton is longer then the train ride between Hamilton and Toronto.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Earl.
Tony's on Dundas is still kicking, although I did hear it was shut down awhile ago for health violations.

But its back open again, so I wish you good luck.
Just tell them you don't want the fly in the lasagna.!

Probably just a case of the owner of Tony's not contributing to a certain councilor's campaign fund. :wink: