TiCats close practice for Wed.

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#Ticats have elected to close practice to fans and media on Wednesday. Did the same thing during #CFL playoffs last year.

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#CFL rules permit one closed practice a week all season. #Ticats keep theirs open. No issue with their decision during the playoffs.

Good move, keep the media out, keep everyone guessing.

The Tiger-Cats are heading into the Eastern Semi-Final on Sunday at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton against the Argo's and the big question will be on who starts at QB for the Cats?

Mathews, Masoli, or Harris?

If Mathews is cleared and ready, it's probably Mathews backed up by the other two, however knowing Austin and Condell I wouldn't be surprised to see all three getting action time during this game and mixing it up on offensive plays.

Should be interesting as the week of preparation for the Semi-Final continues. it's just the start today of playoff practices in what could lead this team into the final in Ottawa on Nov 22nd with a win against the Argo's this Sunday.


That's not surprising. Ottawa doesn't open up practices for fans, or maybe fans just don't come out, although I think some of it may be that Lansdowne Park is still in part a construction zone. I'm not sure how many other teams open up practices to the fans. Some coaches like to keep things pretty tight during the season.

The rule is, Teams are allowed to have only 1 closed practice per week.

Saskatchewan regularly closes one practice per week throughout the season. How do I know? I've read articles from the Regina Leader-Post that mention _____(insert day of the week) was their closed practice day which certainly gives me the impression that it is a regular occurrence.

I like that the Ticats do NOT close practices as a rule during the season (not that I live close enough to ever attend).
Playoffs are a completely different matter and taking advantage of the opportunity to close one practice is smart IMO, especially considering the proximity of our "esteemed opponent" :wink:

Thanks for that info. I'm at most of the practices and have had people ask me if they are allowed to go. I think the fans assume they can't get in.

Say good-bye to our Cup chances if Mathews goes in...he'll throw it away like in his last 2 games...with him we are lucky to get 12-15 points a game....sorry everyone it's just what I've seen in late.

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#TIcats QB Jeff Mathews did not practice today. #CFL #Argos #EDSF

Can someone tell me what time the team takes the field for practice?

11am to 1 pm

Didn't we put up 40 vs the Saskatoonees with the Jeff Mathews band?

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#Ticats have moved practice indoors today. #CFL

If memory serves me correctly (without checking) the final score vs the greenies was 30-15.

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No splitting of quarterback reps at #TIcats practice so far: all Jeremiah Masoli. #CFL #Argos

thanks Tabbie, memory is failing me fast but atleast it was over 15 points.

Thanks for the info. I suspect many fans will be pleased so hopefully Masoli can come out with a GREAT game - or at least good enough to grab the win!

The Box J Boys could have put up 40 points against the Green Riders

haha very true D

just would like to point out though, the only team worse than Toronto against the pass is in fact the Saskatoonewans.

so it really is an apples to apples comparison

There is just one slight problem, Masoli has not shown any patience to throw the quick hitters or some kind of west coast offence. He has shown the tendency to throw long much too often and not be patient. The game plan will dictate some of the outcome.....I am hoping for a total effort from all considering the circumstances.

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The wind is absolutely howling at Tim Hortons Field at #Ticats practice.

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#Ticats practicing outside today, the #Argos indoors. Was the opposite yesterday. #CFL

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#Ticats have brought Tony Champion in to address team. Won a Grey Cup in 1986, lost another in 1989... to the #Riders & Kent Austin. #CFL

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The one and only Tony Champion is at #Ticats practice today. #CFL

This is how we do it