TiCats choose Gaydosh #1

Great pick!!


Finally, a big body in the middle. Good pick.

And it looks like we took another big guy in round 2: Brent Urban

[url=http://www.virginiasports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/brent_urban_799954.html]http://www.virginiasports.com/sports/m- ... 99954.html[/url]

Along with the awesomely-named linebacker C.O. Prime in round 3....though he appears to have signed with the Colts.

[url=http://www.wagnerathletics.com/news/2013/4/28/FB_0428132158.aspx?path=football]http://www.wagnerathletics.com/news/201 ... h=football[/url]

Kudos to the Cats for not trading away the #1 pick and choosing Gaydosh!
Curious why his sack total is so low though?

Great draft all around by Hamilton. Congrats :thup:


Gaydosh is an absolute beast and figures to be the anchor of our d-line for years to come. I saw him play in the CIS and he reminds me of Mike Philbrick in how he is a playbusting machine in the interior line. He's going to cause many double teams and make opponents miserable. I am very pleased with the upside of the entire slate of players chosen as well!

Coach 'em up guys! :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


Agreed. Hamilton has really stockpiled the Canadian talent the last few years.

unfortunately, Gaydosh may not be a lock to sign any time soon, as he is following the lead of Sewell, Charles, and D'Aguilar by exploring NFL opportunities first.

[b]Hamilton will have to wait because Gaydosh wants to first exhaust his NFL options before putting his signature on a CFL deal.

"The NFL option is in my head and I don't want to close that door until I absolutely have to before I commit to the CFL," Gaydosh said.[/b]


Not only is stock-piling future talent its stock piling assets that can be packaged in trades for ready to play players.

The second pick, Brent Urban, Dt. Virginia may show the influence of Eric Tillman. With the Esks last year, Eric drafted Austin Pasztor, a very large Olineman out of Virginia. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Looks like a beast from what I saw on Sportscentre this morning. :thup:

Re Drew: Gaydosh is still looking for NFL invites and says he will show up at TC camp if he doesn't get any.

Great draft for Hamilton IMO, even if it takes you a few years to get Gaydosh in a Cats uni. :thup:

I think that's pretty much unavoidable now if your going to draft the top prospects, especially linesmen.

What would you tell your player if you were an agent?
Tell the Cats we can't to sign with you??
NO, tell them you are still interested in trying the NFL.

I think we will see Gaydosh in black and gold REAL soon!

And then, I think we'll see him in green and gold in 2015.

Great Going Gaydosh, Welcome to the Tiger-Cats, Get ready to Eat some QB's for a snack and become the Rookie of the Year in the CFL for 2013 as Sack Leader, Go Get Em Kid!!!

Invited to Carolina Panthers camp. No contract.

Could be a good experience for the guy. No contract is a plus for the Ticats. Maybe 1-2 guys that participate without a contract actually end up getting a contract and an invite to the main training camp. Since teams already have maxed out their offseason rosters already, he would really have to pop in order to knock somebody out who's already under contract. Good luck to him, but I don't see this really impacting him being with the Ticats this year.

At least when he reports back here he'll be in great shape, thanks, Panthers.