1. With the recent tlak of Chris Williams taking a shot at the NFL , I think the cats should take a glance around the league to see what is available. Kenyon Rambo is avilable who worked well with Burris in the past .
    Where is ex saks rider Matt Dominiquez these days ? Ok kidding :slight_smile: Brian Bratton is available as well .

  2. Something is wrong with the CFL if a guy like Chris Williams is only making 50 K heading into his third season after a great 2 years and break out 2knd year followng a rookie of the year award . Thigpen ., Mcyntire, Hickman are all making 450 K a year now as backups in the the NFL . I think Chris might be too small for the NFL at 5-7 175 as thigpen was 5-9 , 190 . Like Thigpen , his only chance is as a kick return specialist . his speed in the 40 as well as his highlight reels may get him an invite to camp though but it seems slim chances that he would make it .

  3. I was wondering why the ticats let go of DE BRUCE DAVIS last year . I thought this guy looked great when he played and maybe had onme bad game and boom he was gone . Wonder if we could try to invite him back for camp as we are thin in pass rush.

The fact that Chris Williams is making only $50,000 or so has nothing to do with the CFL. Blames are with Hamilton,his agent and Williams. Stop blaming the CFL for Hamilton problems.


So WHY start another Chris Williams thread when we already have that discussion going on? just delete this thread and post it on the other Chris Williams thread.

yep , your bang on Richard . As reported in the other CW thread , Dave Naylor of TSN did report that it is up to Chris if he would like to sign through 2014 with the cats under a new contract or sit out or play out his contract in 2013 at $50,000 then head south.

On another note ,as I do not want to talk too much about CW as there is another thread on that ----------I have been wondering what the heck are the two Laval boy's (who were drafted last year ) going to do this year , are they too waiting for NFL interest to surface ? We could sure use both of these guys in camp. Then there is Mo Petrus and one orf two other canadians that are Ti-cats property but not under contract .
I think it was Richard who pointed out on the CFL site that the Ti-cats have the lowest number of signed players ( 51 I think ) of all the CFL teams.

its not a CW thread , its a Ticat chatter thread , no big deal if his name comes up , (as long as the thread does not turn into another on him) ------ he is still a member of the roster..... are we not allowed to mention his name in any other thread except the prevous one on him ? :roll:

Rambo has lost a couple of steps over the past year or two. That was apparent during his play with the Argos last season. He may still be serviceable if a team is looking for a veteran receiver as a short term fill-in due to injury. If you're thinking of Rambo as a potential replacement for Williams ... I wouldn't.

Williams is listed at 5" 9" and 155 lbs. I don't think his size would necessarily prevent him from earning an NFL roster position. If he shows that he can return kicks on an NFL field as successfully as he returned kicks here, I doubt if his size alone would be a barrier. Now whether he could LAST in the NFL - that's an entirely different matter. His body size and type gives the impression that he would have trouble sustaining the type of serious contact that tends to be more prevalent in the NFL. Still, if he's willing to sacrifice his body, better to do it for ten times his CFL salary.

First, how is Hamilton to blame for Williams being paid around 50K? That's what they offered, and probably standard to what many teams offer rookie imports, so I'm not sure I'd say Hamilton is to blame for Williams' salary. This just got legs because Williams had two great seasons to start his career. The blame for Williams' situation lays with Williams. He and his agent agreed to a near-league-minimum deal for three years. No one forced him to sign that deal, so don't say it's Hamilton's fault that Williams is being paid what he's paid.

Yes,as I wrote Williams and his agent are to blame along with Hamilton. Why Hamilton? They could have easily asked/offered Chris Williams a new contract/a contract extension in early 2012. I presume that most of funds available were given/paid to Fantuz. He probably earned no less than 3 and as much as 4 times what Chris Williams earned. in 2012.

How many Hamilton veterans, excluding the potential free agents who were re-signed, have been offered new contracts/extensions in this off-season? I can't count any,although I could be wrong. The Als? John Bowman,Chip Cox,Brandon London,Shea Emry,Josh Bourke and Patrick Lavoie have all been signed to new contracts by Jim Popp. Expect a few more.


Could one of our good friends from the Als Forum please come and rescue us from this guy?

How do you know Hamilton didn't offer Williams a contract extension after 2011? Maybe he had eyes set on the NFL prior to the 2012 season and just figured we would grant him his release after another good year.

I don't see how this is relevant to the Chris Williams situation. None of the guys you listed have a legitimate shot at the NFL due to age/ability. Even if they did, how do you know what their mindset is in regards to trying the NFL?

I really don't see how Hamilton is at fault here.

I believe there were several players signed right after the 2012 season ended, without any announcements, who aren't listed on the roster:

IMP LB Nate Bussey, IMP OL Brandon Braxton, IMP DL Derreck Drummond, NIP LB Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon, IMP WR Michael Galatas, NIP OL Jason Medeiros, NIP OL Seamus Postuma, IMP DL Derrick Summers, IMP OL Joel Figueroa, IMP DL Monte Lewis, IMP LB Sam Pope, IMP RB Brandon Rutley. Also, NIP WR Jordan Brescacin, who had been listed as "Suspended," was added to that list.

And, there are likely more who've been signed, over the months since, with announcements to come later. The policy seems to be that, among signees, only experienced CFL players' names are added to the published roster prior to training camp time.

Thanks for this information , I did not know any of this------I am happy to see Medeiros and Postuma have been signed , it makes me wonder if on draft day we will pick Sewell first overall or go after some-one else . We seem to have a bevy of NIP offensive linemen. Where did you find the information on these signings ?

That list appeared on "Transactions" on cfl.ca, for a brief period of time, around Nov. 27/12.

The links to the archive from the main transaction page are broken; however, I found the page by typing various combinations on the address line.


I don't see all these re-signings on the list, however. In fact, I only see Claytor and Rutley on the list. And there's a reference to Fournier remaining unsigned with the team. Wasn't he picked up by another team last year after he was released by the Ticats? Something not quite right here.

I think it is pretty clear that Williams wants to give the NFL one more try, so why would he accept an extension with the team last year? And who's to say that Cats didn't offer one? But even if they did, I doubt Williams would have accepted it. So regardless of what Hamilton could've or should've done last year, they'd still be in the same predicament, which is why I think blaming the team just doesn't make any sense.

They re-upped Stala for an additional year, but that's the only guy I can think of. But this is a new GM who is evaluating the team, so I expect a lot of guys are not going to be very secure (as is the case when a new GM and/or HC comes in, and Austin is both). And the Cats were 6-12 last year and missed the playoffs, so I'm not sure I'd be in any rush to lockup many vets. Regardless of how good the players have been, this team has gone 9-9, 9-9, 8-10 and 6-12 in the last four years. Sure, those are improvements over the 3-15 years, but it's not like they're fielding an all-star team and have won two Grey Cups. They've won one playoff game, so even the vets need to be on notice. But I'll throw a question your way: which vets that haven't been given extensions would you have extended?

They re-signed/extended Peter Dyakowski, Marwan Hage, Brian Simmons, Bo Smith, Daryl Stephenson, and as mentioned Dave Stala.

As Blogskee asked ... what other veterans were you looking to be resigned or extended?

Also, as far as pay goes ... Non-Import Receivers almost always get paid more than Import Receivers. Look at what Edmonton paid to get Chris Bauman!?!? There are some notable exceptions when it comes to veteran american receivers such a Geroy Simon & Nik Lewis & Arland Bruce ... and even there its taken until this year for Lewis to get his $$$'s and we've seen what's happened to Simon & Bruce. (Not apples to apples I know ... Williams doesnt have the age thing)

On the surface, yes it appears that Chris Williams is underpaid. But you need comparables. What do other American receivers who are two years into their career get paid? What DID guys like Milt Steagal & Geroy & Arland & Nike Lewis & Chad Owens & Weston Dressler & etc get paid at the same point in their careers?

I honestly don't know the answer but my guess is at 25 years of age and with 2 years of experience, they weren't getting paid much more than Chris Williams. (Inflation adjusted of course)

Everyone is replaceable. When Thigpen left we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to replace him.

Very true. But are you saying that you wouldn't have wanted to still have him on the team?

Not if he doesn't want to be here.