Ticats/CFLFFC Annual Charity Ticat Scarf Sale Oct 26th!

Ticat Scarf Sale Supporting the Fight Against Cancer it Back!
The Ticats with the volunteers for CFL Fans Fight Cancer, Wellspring Cancer Resource Centre Hamitlon, Hopespring Cancer Support Services Guelph/KW and Hamilton's Climb for Cancer will be selling Ticats Collectable Guelph scarves for $20 at Saturday's game.
That's $5 off the regular price!
Great souvenirs and Christmas and birthday presents!
These are the scarves with Ticats on one side and Guelph 2013 in red on the other.

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=1346&cat=143&page=2]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 143&page=2[/url]

Scarf tables will be inside the main gate and along Alumni Walk in the stadium.
A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Wellwood and Hopespring by the Ticats in support of CFLFFC!

Thanks again to the Ticat fan community for coming out and supporting CFLFFC efforts and helping people fighting cancer and support their families buy letting us support services like Wellspring and Hopespring.
Oskee Wee Wee!
Jarrett Harris
Founder CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Time for me to finally pick up a scarf!!!

Great work, BoxJJare and the rest of your volunteers, in all your efforts to supporting a great cause! :rockin:

Here's a keep warm with a Cancer Fighting Ticat/Guelph Collector Scarf bump!
Scarves will be $20 -that's $5.00 off the regular price!
Great for the playoffs and gifts for Christmas!
Get them in the stadium!

There will be 21 volunteers from Hamilton and Guelph cancer support organizations selling scarves at Saturday's game.
If you want a scarf you will be able to find one.
We will have a table after you come in the main gate, a table along Alumni Walk and we will have roaming scarf sellers from the Climb for Cancer with scarves for sale through out the stadium!
As always CFL Fans Fight Cancer thanks the amazing Ticat Fan Community for their never ending support of our events and helping us help people with cancer and their families in Hamilton, Guelph and across Canada!
Thanks so much everyone!
Founder of CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Here's a rain or shine your scarf is waiting bump!
Look for the "Ticats Scarf Sale" signs or people carrying them.
See you there and thanks in advance for helping support those fighting cancer in Hamilton and Guelph.

Bring some by the tailgaters in Lot P19
see you tomorrow
at least 5 sold to the people in our group

Thanks to everyone who purchased a toque and or a scarf in support of Hamilton's Wellwood and Guelph's Hopespring Cancer Support Centre's!
As usual the Ticat fan community and quite a few Al's fans supported these, charities, the Ticats and kept warm all with the purchase of some cozy Ticats swag.
Don't worry if you didn't get yours at the game. By a sherpa Ticats toque or a Ticat/ Guelph 2103 online or at the playoff game and you'll be helping support those fighting cancer in your community!
Thanks again everyone, you are truely awesome people!
Jarrett Harris
Founder, CFL Fans Fight Cancer