Ticats/CFL bar in Toronto

Hey folks,

Hamiltonian that recently moved to Toronto here - was wondering if anybody knew of any places in the city that actually cared about the CFL or if there was a spot where cats fans gathered regularly.

Made it back to the hammer today for the game and would love to head back next sunday but can’t with work - if anybody has any recommendations it would be much appreciated! Oskee Wee Wee!

Yea, you might want to find a way to make it back to the Hammer… no chance you get to enjoy the game with anyone but yourself in that city

Call in sick


We were going to go to the real sports bar downtown. We already have reservations but were undecided as we want to be with the ticat fans Sunday night…because you know we’re going to win:P

Two words: GO train.

Maybe just to Burlington. That should be far enough.


This sounds like a pretty smart idea.

Haven’t been there myself, but there’s a place with decent yelp reviews within walking distance of Appleby Go station:

On Yonge Street at St. Clair!

In Toronto, most bars will play NFL games. Good luck even getting one TV switched to the Grey Cup.

I have watched some games at a bar in Burlington, the idiot bar I go to will not put the volume on for a CFL game. Would rather put on the volume for Laughers exhibition game or a meaningless blow jays game.

Yeah. Sad but true. Toronto is chock full of asswipes and U.S. wannabees.


Mind giving us the name of the idiot bar so that we Canadian football loyalists can avoid it?


Here nonetheless are a couple more options for those in need:





One more suggestion:


Gonna need an abbreviation/acronym dictionary here.
What is an “STH” ?

Season Ticket Holder.

Merci DCF!;D

I live downtown Toronto, and the good sports bars in the area are Real Sports, The Pint, Jack Astors, Shark Club, Kelly’s Landing, and a new bar called The Score on King. Admittedly I don’t know which one will show the GC at this point but all of these places have at least a big screen TV and will play the audio for any big sporting event. If I stay in the city for the game my go-to is usually Real Sports, though I watched the last 2 GCs the Ticats were in there and I can’t recall if it was on the big screen. I watched it on a smaller TV but that could have been due to limited seating, I just can’t remember exactly. That said, that was like 5-6 years ago plus MLSE now owns the Argos so that might help the show the GC cause there this time around. If I can get any extra info from them in advance I’ll respond in here. They seem to show the “popular” choice up there so if people are asking for the GC vs the NFL sunday nighter that may sway things.

Its called Jersey’s on Headon. I’ve been to a few games there as I could not make it to the stadium.
The bar tender told me out right, he will never put on the volume for a CFL game.

I would leave. Not getting my money with that kind of attitude. 8)

Can we have a forum party & rent a hall?

We’d probably argue about the choice of catering though*

*Is it elite or haute cuisine?

I would have glared at the bartender, got up and left and never darkened their door again.


Gotta be lukewarm, overpriced and undersized servings! :wink:

Mebbe the bartender dislikes the common-taters. Like most of us on here.
I dont watch 'merican games so I don’t know if the level of commontators there