Ticats catch the Bombers spying

From Drew Edwards blog:

"Officials from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats caught a scout from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers spying during practice at Ivor Wynne Stadium this afternoon.

The scout, identified by Ticat sources as Ron Trentini, had his notes confiscated and was ejected from the stadium.

The Blue Bombers come to Hamilton this Saturday to face the Tiger-Cats.

Hamilton officials say they've pulled the scouts credentials for this weekend's game and have informed the league.

The team, however, declined to make any official statement."

yea just saw this on TSN



[Not even kidding]

David Naylor posted a story on the Globe and Mail website tonight containing a few more details about this. The Bomber scout, Ron Trentini, apparently first told the Ticat staff that he was taking notes of Ticat offensive formations for an Ontario Varsity Football League team but he eventually confessed that he was a friend of Bombers' director of player personnel John Murphy and he was taking the notes for the Bombers. The report also states that Danny McManus sat near Trentini in the press box at Rogers Centre during the Argo-Riders game on Saturday and Trentini was decked out in Bombers gear.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/blue-bombers-scout-caught-spying-at-ticat-practice/article1218416/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... le1218416/[/url]

He was Sitting on Stairs near sec 9.

I only have one question. ..... How deep is Hamilton Harbor? Hmmmm

If I was Cohon. I'd make them play and then if they win I'd call up Bauer and tell him the two points are being forfeited.

Cohon is worried about steroids LOL! He can't even get teams to be honest. This is embarassing.

That same article also says the Bombers deny sending him.

Curious, did you have this much disdain for Mathews and your Als, caught twice even, talk about pissing on the league.

They should hold private practices from now on.

Of course they deny it. Why make a whole team look bad when you can use a scout as a scape goat?

The CFL has always Welcome Fans To Practice
Our Commish wants Our Game to Remain Fan Active

of course there going to deny it, however i doubt they had nothing to do with it.

I just don't think that this guy would do this all by himself without anybody telling him to do this.

I think Mike Kelly just got a little nervous and wanted an advantage

Kelly probably had someone spy on the Alberta teams too... Let's hope the Ticats publish scans of the notes after the game has been played.

You guys cant honestly be thinking noone does this? i’m sure every team has a scout “spying” on teams of some sort

agreed, how does anybody know the bombers werent doing this against Edmonton and Calgary, i doubt they would just start with the Ti-Cats

Seriously officer, those other cars were speeding too.......................so why pull me over for speeding?

How do you spy at an open practice ?

Especially when you sat beside DMac last weekend in the press box in TO in full Bomber garb ?

Was he wearing the Groucho glasses & moustache. :lol:

This is comical you guys, think about it.

its not comical, the bombers were cheating, plain and simple, maybe this explains why the stampeders only scored 4 points in the first half last week.

im sure bomber fans would be pretty upset if they caught the ti-cats cheating

Cheating implies they broke a rule.

Theres no rule against spying, its simply unethical and classless.