Ticats Catch A Break Against Stampeders

According to this report on the "Hash Marks" section on tsn.ca, Stampeders defensive back Brandon Browner and defensive lineman/linebacker Mike Labinjo are back practicing with the team but they will not play against the Ticats on Friday.

[url=http://bing.search.sympatico.ca/?q=tsn.ca&mkt=en-ca&setLang=en-CA]http://bing.search.sympatico.ca/?q=tsn. ... Lang=en-CA[/url]

They dont need them to play: they can win without them.

I dunno...those are a couple of impactful players.

It should help.

as much love the Ticats if they play like did in TO there get blowen out ..

they're not working on like 2 days of sleep and 1 short practice, don't worry we'll do better.

Unfortunitly, I have to agree with you. They played poorly most of the second TO game (Friday's game).

If Burris and Copeland were to sit on Friday, yes maybe we could catch a break. The problem is going to be stopping their offense.