TiCats Canadian Club Whiskey

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16m16 minutes ago
Fun fact of the day: The limited edition @Canadian_Club #Ticats bottles are back at select @LCBO’s across Hamilton. These things went like hot cakes last year!

Still have a bottle in my liquor cabinet. My father bought it for my husband and I last year, before I told him I was pregnant. We decided to keep it sealed until I could drink it. Finally had some of it two weeks ago! It’s good. It’s just Canadian Club, I think, so nothing special… but it is a nice bottle to pull it out on game days and I love supporting my team! :)If I can find it near me (Kitchener), I might buy another bottle to gift TO my dad this time.

I bought one last year too. It’s unopened , with a sticky note that says “Open in case of Grey Cup” .

That could end up being one finely aged whiskey. :wink:

Had a high priced bottle of Scotch for the same purpose. Eventually changed it to a toast to each win. Still lasted a few years. :slight_smile:

It very well could be… but hey, the longer the wait, the sweeter the victory, the finer the whisky…

I’d still rather open it this year!

My (now empty) bottle is signed by Mike Morreale and is now on display behind my basement bar.