Ticats can take some credit for helping Esks into Grey Cup

Ticats can take some credit for helping Esks into Grey Cup

Bruce Dowbiggin, Calgary Herald

Published: Monday, November 28, 2005
Can't speak for you but I was happy to see Hamilton back in the Grey Cup this year. What's that? You didn't see the Tiger-Cats on the field at B.C. Waste on Sunday?

They were there . . . Hamilton QB Jason Maas, Ticat running back Troy Davis, lineman Dan Comiskey. Of course, they were all playing for Edmonton, thanks to Eskimos supremo Hugh Campbell, who played "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" when he pilfered Davis and Comiskey from the Cats with four games left in the regular season.

The price tag at the time was a roll of tape, a jar of A535 and an oski-wee-wee-oski-wa-wa. But everyone knows that the real return was Maas, without whom Edmonton would have been home shelling peanuts Sunday, not playing for La Coupe Grey.

The catch is Maas didn't have to report to Hamilton until he'd boosted the Esks to the Grey Cup. Thanks to the Compliant Cats and Tom (I'm In Charge) Wright, the Eskimos got to keep all the guys they desperately needed for the stretch and playoffs.

Salary cap? That's for chumps, right Hugh?

So, really, Hamilton was in Sunday's big game, too. Losers? Anyone who had to play the overloaded Eskimo team in the playoffs -- hello, Calgary. And the idea the CFL is on the level. The stink around this one makes sour gas smell like Chanel No. 5.

Kettle, Meet Pot

agree.....if Maas goes to Steel town...
Heads should Roll...

you know what ladies, shut up and tell your gm to go make a deal for the best RB tell him to do his scouting and get the top 2 qbs ,.;......so shut up untill you win it, WE WONNNNN., WE BEST redandwhites ass.... who ever hanky cheers for , we beat them.....

SO STOP BEING SOUR LOSERS AND congradulate your champs

Your welcome RnR! Hey once labeled a cherat always a cheat ha ha ha ha
Yup 35 years in a row in the playoffs!
Disclaimer: We may have cheated over those years to obtain that title!

you can say realy all you want but whos name is on the grey cup for 2005..........thought so, maybe tell gapped tooth billy.. oh srry burris.........to maybe not throw 2 INTs in the semi finals( wont win yah much)

Oh wickey, I have no sour gwapes...
I am in full support of winning Gweycups
Any way you can....

Well RNR when you win a game that way that does not say much now does it. And why would you want to throw names at these players have they done something to you. Or is this just jealousy.

its not jealousy its called beating your ass and rubbing it in,,,,,, nik lewis he had how many yards in the biggest game of the season??? how many???, and gap toothed billy.....well two INT's says it all

no wonder joffrey is doing so good, all he has to do is tell the line to look in burris front teeth , and say that the kind of gap i want opened

I think we have found the most immature poster on the whole forumn. big suprise its an esk fan.

Thats see did the Stamps have any rental players in the line up. No! This is not the Brick buy nopw pay in 2006!

You hit the nail on the head Willy Soup

you know whats immature, whinning and crying because w ehave one of the smart GMs to pick up one of the ebst runnign back in the league. we didnt rent any players, troy davis is here for good :slight_smile::slight_smile:

yes Troy Davis is there. but you did not pay for him. Why can't you just admit it. Hey I would be happy if the Riders did the same thing, I would admit and tell everyone that. But we don't have Hugh Cambell, so it will most likely never happen.

How many yards did you gain in the game??

I could see Shiver's doing this ...
But he's not a member of the water buffalo's club.

I did not play but RNR is back to spelling problems again.

Crying I think not I did not write the above article. Is it crying when the truth comes out. If I was Montreal I would ask to play the game again but not with the stacked players in there. RNR never cheat in a game of poker in Vegas!

Ok how about at the start of the season RNR we'll take Ray and tucker from you for Jason French & Corey Grant and after the season is over we'll give you our 1st and 2nd round draft picks and another player for brady. Sound fair?

Good one Roughy very good!