TiCats @ Calgary - Oct. 14/22

Matt says we're "done again."

Hard to disagree, particulary while expecting more line-up changes when the charts come out, soon.


The Stamps will be without their top receiver, Malik Henry, and there's another change, for them at LT, where Hugh Thornton, a Stampeder all season, dresses for his 3rd game and 1st start.

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Surprised that the only changes are the return of Dunbar (Godwin out) & Simoni (Joseph out).
Showing 46 players, including "Manalo / Mulumba," in that fashion, on the chart, while listing only 44 on the accompanying Active Roster, makes me think that there may be an earlier than game time decision, on Micah Johnson. who is shown as "GTD" on the main chart.

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I would seriously like to see Ternowski start over Durant.


Joseph is tough to see moved off the roster.

Johnson is the right SB... its Godwin that is out...

Grover I was thinking the same exact thing


My mistake. Thanks for catching. A. Johnson, still in, was one of the surprises for me, after he was limited in practice participation, by a hamstring issue, late in the week.
I've corrected my post.

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With how well he did last week i would still dress him even over Durant lol


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We have a pretty good line up...

Game is at McMohan + 3 pts Stamps
10 - 5 VS 5-10 team + 2 pts "
Chasing 2nd in West + 2pts
No road wins ticats + 2pts
Stamps remembering 1st half at THF +2 pts

Stamps should beat us by 11 pts...this is not a trap game for them like it was for Blue Bombers a while back.

Having said all this...this game will probably come down to F/G in the wee hours of the night ..... then the FG will either be fumbled/bumbled by the likes of Fantuz or Tasker. Or worse a blocked FG by Calgary right at the end. (In some form, history always repeats itself for us at McMohan.)

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Just a small error that you might want to fix: It’s McMahon not McMohan…

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If thats the only error in my assessment, I'll take it. Maybe they should fix the spelling on the stadium to reflect my spelling. Lol!

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Don't think I've ever seen that before , the team has two players ( Manalo / Mulumba ) listed on the gameday active as well as on the PR for this game .

I think you've just entered the... Twilight Zone!


unknown (1)

VS Calgary
I take Cats OLine, LBs, and KR.
kicker, DBs, RB a wash unless Hills proves otherwise.

QB, receivers, DLine, punter, and coaching advantage Calgary.

So what does this mean?
Nothing except until the Cats win one on the road it is hard to favour them against a very good team.

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Especially a team that they have never beaten on the road since 2004 .

Just to put things in perspective as to how long it's been since the last time we won a game in Calgary we had the likes of Danny Mac , Archie Amerson , DJ Flick , Mike Morreale , Craig Yeast and Troy Davis on offence . The defensive side of the ball saw the likes of Rob Hitchcock , Tim Cheatwood , Adriano Belle , Joe Montford and Dedric Mathis .

So yes it's been a long , long drought and hopefully it finally ends tonight . :crossed_fingers: