Why is it that this website cannot post a picture of any new Ticats that are additions to the club post training camp.

It befuddles me that no one has a digital camera that can take a "mug shot" and paste it to that players bio.

We fans would like to identify with the players beyond a name and some statistics.

Check out Edmonton's website ... they know how to promote their players ... I can guarantee that a player who was signed as late as last week is featured prominently on esks.com

I would have expected more out of team whose owner is a computer guru.

Good idea.

I also think it's quite sad that the avatars of players that have not played in Hamilton in 3-4 years are still there. This isn't 2006 guys..

Not only

When you are right you are right. And if you needed any more evidence of our lack of focus on the details of our own site you only have to consider this morning's episode where we had last night's score reversed. While I'm sympathetic to the original error (I too would have had trouble writing Calgary 55, Ticats 24 accurately) the fact that it took hours to fix instead of minutes is inexcusable.
The reason for our sloppiness is a classic case of the shoemaker's children - the moral of that story is the shoemaker was so busy making shoes for his customers he forgets to make any for his own family.
But we will do better.

Cheers, Bob.

MRX dose every CFL Webpage and Also Hamilton Bulldogs and few others

Including the Guelph storm the Icedogs and the Toronto Rock

We all have to do things better Bob. :thup: :smiley:

I'm not sure if this is original or not, but I think when you reach that stage in your life when there's no more room for improvement it is because they just shovelled 6 feet of dirt on you.


Why isn't his Saturday's game advertised..???

Maybe a 'split splash' page advertising both games

I think advertising the home playoff game is a little bigger ...