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Obviously the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have much bigger problems to solve on the Football Ops side of the office. But has anyone noticed that some cracks are appearing at 500 Sherman Ave. N as well ??

Last week there was some dialogue on this Forum about how pathetic the CFL’s own website has become . . . fans cannot even trust the statistics that are published on the League’s own website.

But I am finding that the Ticats’ website has its own gremlins. I have checked this out with 2 different Browsers, to determine if that might be contributing, & it was not. Is anyone else observing this? :thinking:

  • In the ribbon across the top of the HOME page, where each game on the 2023 schedule is shown, the scores for the completed games are not shown. That is the first thing. I am certain that scores were displayed in that ribbon in previous seasons. Instead of that, I have a link titled “Boxscore”, which leads to another page with 3 separate Tabs, “Scoring Summary”, “Play by Play” & “Head to Head”. For me, each one of these pages remain totally unpopulated - void of any content. Are others experiencing the same thing ?? We are 2 games into the Regular Season . . . what is happening at 500 Sherman ??

  • Below that “2023 Schedule” ribbon, there is another Task bar with links to different features on the website . . . “Listen”, “MyTixLogin”, etc. When I attempt to go to the “Schedule” page, once again I encounter the entire 2023 schedule, and yet again, none of the scores are posted. I suspect this page is linked to the ribbon that I mentioned in the previous bullet point (ie. same problem).

  • But this same page allows users to revisit scores & stats from previous seasons as well. And in this case, I am encountering a totally different glitch. If I access scores from a previous season (any season), the scores for that entire season will display for about 20s or less, before the screen bounces back to display the 2023 season with none of the scores entered. Trés strange.

Just wondering if others are encountering similar issues.
I am also wondering if the CFL’s league website, and each of the 9 team websites are managed by a common service provider . . . that might explain the consistent problems.


Yes, I have the same experience…

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There are many things that say not much attention is paid to the club’s website. The roster is rarely up-to-date. The league standings appear at the bottom of the main page – the '22 standings! I could go on, and on …


i still want to know why all the team site forums point to facebook instead of here. the league won’t give me an answer to that question.

had a look at the Ti-Cats website. yikes. lots of broken stuff there.


The whole world wide web thing isn’t gonna take off. No point in investing in it.

Same with a mobile app or accurate statistics. Nobody cares about those things.

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dude this isn’t 1990

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If you couldn’t spot the sarcasm…


ha nope lol. i’m terrible with recognizing internet sarcasm. :upside_down_face:

sorry @Crash :laughing:


Yeah, that was almost an “OK Boomer” comment.
Let’s just say that both Crash and I are somewhat familiar with team discussion boards (both original members of the team site/forums before they were all merged) and more than somewhat familiar with the advances of technology.

With the two agreements with both Genius Sports and some other company I can’t remember, we were promised accurate stats, reporting, odds (for those who partake), marketing, etc. So far, it’s been a complete failure.


i agree :100:

i believe the other company is PFF, Pro Football Focus

also these guys:

It’s ok, millennials like me are few and far between around here :wink:


After waiting, later in the day than usual, ticats.ca has put up the depth chart for June 23 vs. MTL.
But there’s a problem!
It’s actually the depth chart from last week in Toronto. :crazy_face: