Ticats.ca videos

Dear reporters covering the Ticats,

I am a huge fan of the team and the CFL. I greatly appreciate your coverage of the team/league and I tend to consume all types of media related thereto.

I would like to offer you one tip which, in my mind, would greatly improve the quality of production of an already stellar product. That tip would be, during the filming an interview video and during that time when you are asking the player or coach a question, please position or point your microphone in such a manner as to catch your voice as clearly and at a volume commensurate with the clarity and volume with which you capture the subject's answer.

It is a small thing that would allow listeners to not have to adjust the volume to hear what you are saying/asking and then rush to lower the volume when the subject provides their reply.

In my view, the question asked is an important part of understanding the reply given and too often part or all of the question are at a volume that is too low to be properly heard.

Again, you provide a stellar product. I just believe that this one correction will push the production over the top in quality.

Sincerely, and thank you,


Agreed, this has bugged me for a while. Especially when Kent Austin gets frustrated and gives short answers to questions. Sometimes I struggle to even find out what was asked.

Yep me too , quite often I have no idea what the question is /was . All they have to do is point the mic or recording device at their mouth when asking the question . Pretty straight forward stuff.

Lol this always bugs me as well, minor issue for sure but since there is a thread I'll throw my opinion out there too. The only person you can ever really hear is Drew or the girl hired by the Cats to cover the team this year whose name escapes me right now. It is sometimes worse than others really depends on the video.