ticats.ca sucks

im on ticats.ca and i look at the poll and it says which team in the east divison has teh best recivers and guess who won that one THE TICATS!

i dont belive thats true but Flick is good. no offence cat fans but some of u guys over xagerate with ur team

thumbs up for improving tho

Did you really expect the people at ticats.ca to vote for anyone else?
Common everyone including yourself is biased towards their team

ti-cats.ca sucks because of a poll that picked the ti-cats in something? Did you not expect there to be bias on a team page that features the home team?

So who did you vote for BB12

Ha ha ha ha Bombers Bombers Bombers ha ha ha ha ha even the Rider fans were not this bad!

I think BBfan12 was just shocked by the bias in a "relative" manner. As you have no doubt noticed, BB is an objective, unbiased observer who always dispays logical, well reasoned comments (like Saskargo or rawnotrookieray).

It wasn't that ticats.ca was so biased - it was that they were so biased compared to BBfan12.

And really, with so little to base it on too - only new QB, 2 new rb's, receivers, etc. etc. etc.

So does that mean on the Bombers site they boast the Tie cats! Hmmm maybe he should look into this further before he posts but then again he is just a youngin! BBfan12 you keep cheering for your team! But do not expect fans from other teams to cheer for them as well!

BB fan, you have some bomber fans that come on here and sing the praises of moves made the team this offseason, and how they are going to win the Grey Cup, and how wonderful the organization is, you berate us for debating those points with those fans --- and you say the Ti-Cat site is biased? I wish I we could see you when you say that , and try to keep a straight face wiith a post like that

By this logic tsn.ca sucks too, Saskatchewan wins every poll there!

.....many weeks ago the Bomber site ran a poll asking which team was going ot the Grey Cup this year and like over 80% of the respondents said the Bombers.......this was before any of the their dispersal draft acquisitions too.......THAT was delusional.......

Obviously there's a bias, we all agree to that; just as there would be a bias for any team on their own web site. But I don't understand how the majority of Ticat fans voting for the Ticats means that the web site sucks. If you asked me a question, and someone doesn't like my answer, would it make sense for them to say that you suck? Of course not.

NO KIDDING. If there was a poll on the Riders site asking something like that, of course i would vote for the riders...Like if a poll said, "which team is the Best in the West?" of course id vote for the riders, regardless of whether it was true or not. In my mind they are the best...


I'm in the 20% who believe they won't..

at least 20% of Winnepeg fans are honest...:lol: