"ticats.ca" members will get a kick out of this...

Bob and his moderators too! :lol:

This is funny stuff .....lmao

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTLwiccIOxI&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTLwiccI ... re=related[/url]
:) Ya Great find Mikey
8) Man After watching the highlights of what this young man is capable of, I get even more excited. With a pro-active,TOUCH Head Coach, a disciplined coaching staff and little help for his tiger cats team mates, this could be one heck of a team. Oh yeah, the getting know CP was fun to watch. POP WARNER Football is well know in the US. We have so many little league teams in Houston, it's is fun to watch. CP from what I here was very good even at a young age of 13. He said he training like a "freakin Warrior", man that was funny. Keep training CP because when the season starts we will need you at your best.

Personally, I prefer this one:


Here's a great one.....Vince McMahon interviews some moron in the ring from the WWF and he spends his entire time smack talking Canada, the CFL and Angelo (King Kong) Mosca

(is it just me or does this guy seem like he's had a few too many "pile-drivers") :roll:


His Name is Don Muraco
He also Had Tussles with Hulk Hogan Roddy Piper
George the Animal Steel

Here something I found Angelo Mosca doing a Interview with the grey Cup Show.

Warning Not for the little ones to watch
Language maybe Questionable for the small ones


Ron, I watched the video clip and you’re right is was funny. But, I was thinking about the ticats…great video though, it was to funny the way he made the monkey look like he was really singing and dancing.

funny stuff picking on poor mosca!

The WWF actually had some funny guys back then. But the real funny stuff was that some people actually believed it was for real. :lol:

You Mean it's Not :lol:

Casey really has a great personality. I saw where he and his team mate spoke at a school about Math. Way to go ticats for pushing kids to be the best they can be.

We'll assume you posted this in the wrong thread.....lol


The WWE is only a fallout career for former NFL and CFL football players!Yes Add the odd Olympian and biker!

WOW!! Unbelieveable.