Ticats.ca Meet and Greet on June 9th in IWS

Okay everyone, I was hit with an idea.

Many of us always say we'd like to have Meet and Greet with big turn out.

Let's have a M&G on June 9th 45 mins to an hour before game time in Ivor Wynne Stadium. Say hi to old friends and talk about our team.

First what do you think?

We can meet at the Y108 tailgate party near the HOOTERS tent!

See ya there!

I'm gonna give this one a maybe Jare... I'm so excited about being able to get back into the stadium and take pictures.. I confess I might forget the M&G entirely. Or I might remember and come take pics of it too! :slight_smile:

I went out and got some new beads recently.. so I'm getting back to work on bracelets if you still want them! :slight_smile:

I think we should all try and wear our Ticats.ca t-shirts, at least those who bought them and haven't worn them out yet! It would help distinguish members from regular fans.


Maybe meeting by the Hooters tent would work.

There is a Hooters tent this year, right, or has that CHANGED too?

The cattmann will be there and maybe i'll be bringing someone with me.

Sounds like fun. We're always there that early anyway.
See everyone June 9th.
Donna :slight_smile:

I've decided to boycott all meet and greets this year. Sorry Jare. If I have to see Brad this early in the year I'll kill myself. :wink:

This is coming together, let's meet at the Y108 tailgate party near the Hooters tent.

All Ticats.ca members are welcome.

Meeting time will be 1 hour prior to scheduled Ticat pre-game festivities in IWS.


This is a great idea. Myself and my wife don't like getting to the games too, too early to be able to go to the tailgait area outside the stadium but we do go where the band is playing at the scoreboard end and have a drink there about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before the game and watch some visiting teams warmups usually.

I'll be there.Is the Hooters tent near where they usually have the band playing?

june 24th, but not the pre-season.

Yes, that’s the spot. Not that I look at girls that young of course, never.


I can't see why we can't do if for those interested every game.

Come to the ones you can and don't the ones you won't.

First one will be at the pre-season game on June 9th


i wouldn’t mind meeting some of you crazy folks i’ve been conversing with for the past few years…

i’ll be there if i’m at the game.

I'll be wearing a Box J Boys t-shirt and maybe...jusssst maybe....a Ticat toga made from one of those Avon CFL blankets.


Alrightie then. I'll be wearing my hair back, a black evening gown, blue scarf...oh wait...wrong website!

On second thought, maybe Bob's Ticat.ca hat from a couple years ago is a better idea.

just say when,i'll be there!!

I say we start Meeting and Greeting around an hour before pre-game festivities start. With pregame festivities I'm specifically talking about the Travis Claridge memorial.

I'll contact the Ticat head office and see if that's possible...ie will the gates be open one hour before pre-game festivities.

See ya there!

Thanks to GF for posting a sticky regarding the Meet and Greet before the pre season game on June 9.

Feel free to still do our pole.

See ya there.