Ticats.ca Forum Awards

So I was thinking that I can tell the content of a post by some posters just by seeing that they posted. And it got me to thinking, we should have awards for the forum. Below is a list of categories that I've thought of (feel free to add more). Use this space for nominating posters. After a period of time, polls can be conducted with said Nominees and votes tabulated. Why not have a little fun with it....

  • Most positive poster

*Most negative poster

*Most knowledgeable poster

*Post most likely to start their own thread when two or three already exist

*Most passionate poster

*Post most likely to illicit a response

*Biggest Hijacker

*Poster most likely to bring up the stadium debate in a thread with nothing to do with the stadium

*The Grammar award

*The Anti-Grammar award

*Most Sarcastic or Witty poster

*Poster with too much time on their hands

*Best armchair QB-Coach-GM

This is actually a good idea. A lot of forums do it and it brings the community closer together. Its all for fun so why not.

Great ideas :

You should add :

*Most Interesting thought and ideas :
*Most intriguing Topic
*Most scoops and inside information
*Most insight
*Most correct predictions
*Most bang on posts

*Most negative poster - ZENSTATE

*Most knowledgeable poster

Blogskee Wee Wee

*Best armchair QB-Coach-GM

Blogskee Wee Wee

I'd like to nominate myself for "Most humble poster". And really, I don't think anyone else even comes close.

Ah, Mycko. See where good ideas go to die?

Actually, on the first incarnation of this Board the moderators and the team actually said that they were working on some awards. That never came about. On the SECOND incarnation of the Board (when CFL.CA became the senior board) there was some poster talk of this but it died.

Basically, being the '"democratic" community that we are, nobody has the authority to create awards and those at the ready will always swing the idea in another direction or use it to take swipes at others or settle old scores. It's chaos and anarchy (basically) in here.

Yeah, it would be fun to actually do something like this but sadly... it'll never happen unless it's a project of the Mods.

Now Now Earl you know that's not your award .. This one here is your award

I Present to you the Golden Flip Flop Award !!!! Enjoy :smiley:

Good one dawg I will admit.

I believe Onknight moved to Windsor. The poor fellow was mis-understood and in some instances took a regular beating from some of the all knowing football fans. I for one understood the guy, all he wanted from this forum was respect
for his football knowledge and his loyalty to the team and most importantly, just wanted to fit in. So I nominate the "Biggest Pantload Award" to all you trools who shut him up and did your absolute best to crap on him at every chance. The sound of one hand clapping.

wildcats: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:
Onknight was a real hardcore Tiger-Cats fan. I met him at a couple of practices at IWS 3 or 4 years ago and I was sorry to see him leave the forum. I thought he was a good guy and I suspect all those who gave him a hard time would have felt the same way if they had met him.
Not sure where he is now. I heard this summer that he may be back in Burlington. Hope he logs back in again soon.

I met him plenty of times also at practice, he would also praise and suck-up to the players and Coaches evrytime he went to practices, and then bash them on here, so that to me to two-faced and lost total respect from myself and a lot of other people that actually saw what took place, from day to day at the practices. Sure he might be wise in the football knowledge, but he also was a guy that would only bash them behind a keyboard!

I'd like to thank the Academy of the Tiger-Cats Football Club for the nomination of "The Biggest Ignoramus" award.

and to all my close and dear friends, family, and fellow posters whose support and votes enabled me to win this award unanimously, with utmost sincerity and from the bottom of my heart I say to you all...


         I put that down to his passion for the team. That...and the things that have happened in his life which he has written about on this forum.

Well.... his passion for the team... managed to get him banned from here

I'd like to nominate myself for Awesomest Signatures. I'd also like to nominate this post as most pants on head stupid.

I'm guessing I'm out of the running in any of these awards now? Or perhaps I've clinched certain, specific ones?

Most likely to bring up the import rule no matter the topic: a tie between mikem and seymour

Import rule? I disagree totally with that statement!! We shouldn't have an import rule it should be the best player for the job just like in real life. But if the xenophobes insist on a Canadian content rule it has to be reduced!!
I only want to see the CFL survive, and I want to see the best players out there. I would rather see a Chris Williams returning punts and receiving than a Sam Giguere, what's wrong with that?

Nobody said there was anything wrong with it.

It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I"m sure many agree with you.

But the point being made was that you’ll bring up the issue, and you just proved him correct.

When was the last time, if at all, SG was sent out to return punts ?

Hard to be taken seriously when you dont know what's going on or don't know who actually plays where.