Ticats Buy Building will move Business Office

Ch News just Said Hamilton Tigercats have Bought 1 Javis ST Downtown..

They Will movie the Business office and Retail Store into new home Soon


Video Clip Above


Is that the old squash club???

1 Jarvis Street. Not the old squash club.

Wow .... that announcer!!! Can you say 1960's?

Great News to hear. Can't wait to see how it all turns out for them.

Looks like the old squash club to me.

Thanks for the post--that's great news for the Cats and for Hamilton's downtown!

It is the old racqetball club....

The Ministry of Labour and the Church of Latter Day Saints are two big names that are currently in there
That's an awesome building and I like the "walk-in" access from King St. for the store also...

nice score!

It was called the Hamilton Squash and Fitness Club
but it was much more than a squash and fitness facility.

It had full time a restaurant/bar,
wedding and banquet room facilities
and a retail sporting goods store.

I sure loved the time when I was a member there.

It is a very accesible downtown location
just west of Wellington on King St. East.

It is located at the south end of Jarvis St.
which dead ends into a City Parking Lot
that is acessible from King St or Jarvis St.

and it probably still has it's own parking.

Nice building but I don’t know about the location.

You won’t even know it’s there when you drive by on King st. Too bad they didn’t have a more prominent location.

The location of the new Ticat offices is actually very good. The Hamilton Squash and Fitness Club was a very popular place in the 1980s and early 1990s thus many Hamiltonians will already be familiar with the location. Also, the municipal parking lot connecting Jarvis Street to King Street is right across the street from Denninger's, a well-known international food store. Nonetheless, Captain Kirk is correct that the Ticats' new office building may not readily visible to newer Hamiltonians or out-of-town Ticat fans driving along King Street. Therefore, the Ticats will probably need some signage on or near King Street to make their presence known to all.

I bet owner Bob buys another huge Video board for his new location and installs it high up on the roof so it can be seen not only from King St, but from Main.

Thats solves the visibilty problem!


That would be big step, mike619, :smiley:

considering the lack of prominent signage
and consequent difficulty of even finding
the entrance to the current Ticat office. :oops:

Actually, I believe that area is called Jarvis sqaure with the clock tower at King st. Maybe it could be renamed Tiger-Cat square with appropriate signage.


Here's an idea. The tenth annual mustard festival will be held very close to there on Labour Day weekend. Isn't that a perfect way for the Tiger-Cats to get involved?

Mustard = yellow, and Labour Day?

I think the mustard festivalcould benefit as well as the Tiger-Cats, the BIA and the downtown core.

Is that where my extra twenty dollars is going this year ?

I live downtown. 1 Jarvis is a good location with lots of potential and parking. I'm sure they will eventually put up proper signage to direct commuters from King Street to the location.

I've parked for years in the city parking lot when visiting the Balck Forest Restaurant. Does 1 Jarvis have plenty of free parking around it?

I think the building itself has a number of parking spots directly in front that would be free to customers. Not entirely sure. Do you know, RonFromTigertown?

This building is huge.

After looking at the size of the building and the probable renovations, I'd be comfortable to say that this will cost Bob millions.

This is what downtown needs. People with money, not depending solely on governments to get things done.

People should never doubt Bob's committment to Hamilton.

Congratulations to the Tiger-Cats!!!