TiCats Bring MacKay Back

8) The TiCats have just brought back NI Receiver, Glen MacKay, and put him on the practice roster.
    Mackay was released by the Cats after training camp, 2012.  Edmonton then picked him up, but he only played 3 games
     with them.

hope this does not mean that Fantuz will be out longer than expected..
or perhaps Austin is less than impressed with the recent play of Giguere and wishes to light a competitive fire beneath him?

Please just another kid out of CIS with hands of stone?? Bring in some American Receivers with Hands and Speed!!

I always liked McKay. He was a stud in practice, and made a few nice plays for us when he saw the field. I think he is much better than Diston, but this is just based on what I've seen of them in practice/limited game action, Diston could shine brightest when the lights are on, who knows.

I'm hoping the Cats delegate Diston and push McKay onto the active roster. McKay will need time to learn the offence first though.

MacKay has a pretty sweet pair of mitts actually. Reminds me a bit of Stala.

Here is a highlight video I was able to find, kind of surprised it even exists.


EDIT: Spelt MacKay wrong in my post above

It's not Giguere as much as it is Charbonneau=Campeau - #85 ... those offsides have the potential to derail his career as a Tiger Cat

Your comment about CIS kids is ridiculous. Many great CFL receivers played CIS football, including guys like Fantuz and Stala.

well, aside from the off-sides, Campeau was the Cats leading receiver this past week thus may not be a great idea to drop him unless the penalties become a chronic issue in the future.

as well, MacKay is a smaller receiver at 5'11 (near Giguere dimensions) as opposed to SCC who is a more imposing 6'4

A WR (no matter how inexperienced) almost never goes offside because they stand still and run at the snap. A SB has to have an innate timing with their waggle motion to hit the line at the snap.

Comparing a WR and SB in that regard is completely ridiculous.

Not to cut Camp just let him join the observer group for a while.

I suspect that SCC's offsides, both in the first quarter, were partially nerves, and partially a lack of first team reps. After that he settled down, and put in a decent performance. At least it looked like he was putting in an effort.

I suspect MacKay is just going to bump Distin down one spot to become the fifth receiver, and eventually challenge either SCC or Giguere for the second starting NI spot.

Following the Edmonton game, Diston was returned to the Practice Roster and Beaulieu-Richard was returned from the PR to the 46.

welcome to Edmonton east :slight_smile: ... why are we signing players that were cut by a team that is slightly better than we are at the moment.... why aren't we at least looking at players released from talented teams like Calgary B.C or even (ouch hurts to say it) the Argos....

Interesting highlight video,didnt think that MacKay played that much or caught that many passes to warrant that long of a video,good special teamer though,always liked his moxy,not a game changer but with injuries mounting up daily could be a good addition. :thup: