TiCats Brent Urban signed by Ravens

[url=http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-ravens-sign-fourthround-de-brent-urban-to-252-million-deal-20140517,0,6210939.story]http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/rave ... 0939.story[/url]

4 Year, $2.25M with a $300,583 signing bonus
Nice contract

Gaydosh and now Urban,our 1st and 2nd picks from last 2013 draft, signed in NFL
We have 3rd rounder C.O. Prime signed

Wasn't REALLY a ti-cat now was he ?

That's 2 like this that i heard of the Cats drafting people that are not finished with their college days and then they get drafted by the NFL ..( could be more i don't follow such events )

now i don't follow the CFL draft stuff don't really care but do these guys have to like officially ENTER the draft like put their name in or something? seems to me that its stupid and wasteful to draft picks to choose people wanting to enter the NFL

i'm just curious as to why the cats think its ok to waste picks

Its a gamble but so is drafting a guy who may show up but not make your team. Having said that Tillman's draft record when it comes to identifying these guys is pathetic. Pasztor is another one he got completely wrong. That's 3 high draft picks in two years. Another factor is the NFL's huge off season roster increase to 90 I believe. That allows NFL teams to take a much longer look at guys and do some development. CIS guys are perfect candidates for this.

Another "wasted" pick like Fred Plesius and Sam Giguere.

I wouldn't barrage Tillman over the drafting of Austin Pasztor, who signed in the NFL as an undrafted free agent. But drafting Urban with the intention of switching his position, only to see him get drafted in the 4th round to the NFL is a huge miss, IMO.

Austin is the Cat's GM not Tillman.

It's a calculated risk no matter what you do. Pass on top picks because you think they might go to the NFL and you could end up with lesser choices among the rookie Canadians out there. Go for the gusto and take the best player available and you might find he goes to the NFL for a longer or shorter time.

Either way there are people who will say you blew it, you should have chosen differently, you don't know what you're doing. If I'm Kent Austin (or any CFL GM), I don't think I'd worry much about the criticism, it's going to come anyway. It's a judgment call, and GMs get paid to make those.

For my part, I trust Austin's. That doesn't mean he'll make a perfect choice every time, or that all his plans will pan out. Things don't work that way. It does mean I have confidence that he knows what he's doing, has a vision of the kind of team he wants, and is well able to bring it about.

The Cats are in a position where they can take these gambles right now. That's awesome in itself.

I agree, Austin and co. improved their Canadian content a lot this past year, even while striking out on their first two draft choices. But Austin was also lucky in that the 2012 Cats "futures" draft turned out well with Stephens, Plesius and Gascon-Nadon with Atkinson and Rockhill possible eventual contributors as well. As I think HfxTC is suggesting, the Cats could gamble in 2013 because 2012 turned out well. I think they tried to play it safer in 2014.

I understand that all draft picks are a gamble .. but that's not what i asked .