Ticats break Lions home-streak with win on Saturday

VANCOUVER — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats went into the Lion’s den and took down BC 30-13 on Saturday night at BC Place.

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This win was an important one for both the team and for their fans - it showed that the Tabbies are capable of beating any team at their home field. This sets the stage for a big Labour Day game 0skee-wee-wee!


I’m so sad, this is my 4th avatar change in 5 weeks, once again David defeats Golith, congratulations Hamilton…I will morphe back to reality next week-ish, Whot Whot go Cats go


Lions peaked in August
Grey cup rematch on the way

What the :fire: is going on with the Lions. Back to back loses to teams that they should easily beat. Guess, BC is not one of the top tier teams after all.

I know I said earlier this week that Montreal can’t be in the top three until they beat one of those top three. Good chance it’s next week.

Not all is magical in the Doman kingdom. This is not the same team as just a month ago. It’s not just the losses; the swagger was fading before that. The entire team is beginning to look like stunned chickens. Coaches?

Hamilton is a great team.

Not Winnipeg or Toronto great but great nonetheless.

From the looks of it only two teams are top tier and it is the usual suspect Toronto and Winnipeg

Second tier team could go two ways

  1. Bc by itself
  2. Bc with Montreal and Saskatchewan. ( I lean with two but it is also mtl bias )

Third tier teams are hamilton Calgary and Ottawa

Edmonton by itself but that could change as soon as next week if they beat the stamps.

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It’s not about one-tier or two-tier. Sometimes a team can have your number and you lose. :football:


That was probably Hamilton’s best game of the year and they did it with their 3rd string QB who looks to feeling more comfortable each week. The O line played their best game of the year, gave a few sacks but other than were pretty solid. Keeping Vernon Adams off the field for as long as possible was critical for Hamilton to have a chance to win, the defense looked pretty good, first game they weren’t on the field for 3/4 of the game, they played quite well as a unit tonight, it’ll be interesting to see if they can carry this momentum into the Labour Day classic, maybe catch Toronto taking them lightly and pull off another upset, stranger things have happened in the Labour Day classic. Got give the cats credit, they played a complete game and was able to finish on the road. :clap::clap::crossed_fingers:


It is hard to judge the power of the Stamps they look great on paper and should have a way better record.
Similarly, the Elk in their last two outings look to have turned a corner and should pick up some wind in their sails and might just best the Stamps back to back and be right in the thick of a playoff game.
Time will tell. The next two weeks for these teams playing home and away in each other’s home turf will likely decide what’s what for both teams. A split will mean the status quo but one team taking both games will say much.
Team win loss record means nothing right now as Cowtown is only two games up
and struggling huge … and the Elk are going to be more than hungry to win both games and prove somethings to themselves, their fans and the other teams.


Nice to finally see a balanced attack from Hamilton. Credit to the new play-caller, Milanovich.


That is text book on what a successful and potent run game WILL do for the pass game… Not to meantion the opposing D.
On the flip side the Ticat D almost totally shut down the opponent’s monster O


Not sure if I agree with that. But neither do you. You can not call a team great and then put them in the third tier. At best, they are a good team with the potential to be great.

I think you only have two tiers. I agree with your tier 1 of Toronto and Winnipeg. It seems from week to week, everyone else takes their turn shuffling the pecking order in a second tier. Question, who is going to get some consistency and go on a run?


I could not agree with you more😞 Swagger plays a big part of the game and I’m not seeing it. Especially with the DBs. They look confused. They are being out played. The O line has wilted like flowers during a heat wave.

We all know it is Montreal since they are going on a run and winning the whole thing.

Bias aside either bc or mtl will probably be the team to get some consistency.

I could maybe tho see a team like Ottawa appear out of nowhere and become the top one but that is out of massive left field.

Idk why I just have a guy feeling Ottawa will surprise people.

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You’re right. Last week I thought the Labour Day game would be a blowout for the Argos - the league’s best offence against a team that couldn’t beat Edmonton and was reduced to playing a 3rd string rookie at QB. Saturday’s game made me change my mind. With Butler’s running, Taylor’s improved play and with an intelligent game plan, the Cats are certainly capable of beating the Argos next Monday. Should be an exciting game and I’m looking forward to it.


From what I saw, the biggest difference in Hamilton’s game was that they cleaned up the dumb and costly penalties. I didn’t hear it mentioned during the game, but if they can play smart in that regard, I think they shouldn’t be taken lightly by anybody.


James Butler is key. With an excellent run game it keeps the opposition guessing. Butler was awesome against BC last week!