Ticats, Brandon Banks mutually agree to part ways

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Thursday the football club and receiver Brandon Banks have mutually agreed to part ways.

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It will look strange to see Speedy in any other colors.

Good luck Speedy.

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I could see him being a fit in Winnipeg if Lawler leaves. He could be a very affordable , key cog somewhere that is close to winning. Maybe Speedy's plan is retirement?


If only we could defer his salary to sometime in the distant future (when intelligent apes become militant and take over this planet... and the CFL). Our budget is getting out of control. We may need an intervention.

This is a business decision. Brandon Banks is getting older(34) and his performance on the field is not as good as he used to be. His performance went down the hill in 2021. Many injuries that took longer to heel. I don't think he has much gas left in the tank. He was great when he first came to the CFL. I m sure Ticats will go after someone else that is younger and more productive through free agency. I think this is a right decision by Ticats. All good things must come to an end!

Just in according to Dave Naylor, Banks meeting with Pinball and agent on Friday

Guess he's a free agent a little earlier than planned. A little surprised, but not shocked.

Not at all surprised as the Argos are known lately to grab other team's star players in an attempt to get the GC! I'm pretty sure "The Eastern Stampeders" would welcome Speedy Banks to their ranks, if they can squeeze him into the Cap limits!

In my humble opinion Brandon Banks was very under utilized with the Hamilton Tiger Cats in 2021. A receiver cannot produce yards, when the ball is not thrown his way :interrobang: Although he is 34 years of age I feel he has a lot left in the tank including a cherished Grey Cup Ring :star_struck: :black_heart: :gem: :hash: :one:
107th Grey Cup rings-August 2020

Hmm. I hadn't heard that but it doesn't surprise me. With the window to speak with player agents & present offers opening on Sunday I'd think at this point Banks would see what is out there. But my feeling is he stays in the East & TO would be the best spot for him. Ottawa may not be that good this year & the Als are loaded at receiver. So, yeah, the Argos would make perfect sense. As for the Bombers I agree with Maaax. Banks probably gets a few bids & the Bombers aren't in a position to pay crazy money. According to the club, they have put aside money for Lawler & are waiting to see if he sticks in the NFL.

Seams to me Hamilton has had to make some difficult decisions, like Winnipeg both teams played for the Grey Cup last two seasons. Players on those teams rightfully deserve an increase as do any player on any team who exceeded their expectations. CFL's CAP makes it near impossible to keep your team intact year after year.

Speedy and Mosoli still have great potential and have familiarity with each other. It's likely they will want to stay together on their next team.

With an increase of interdivisional games in 2022, likely a plot of the CFL to reduce costs at the same time increase rivalries (attendance). The best location for Speed & Soil would be IMO Ottawa.

Hamilton and Toronto already have great attendance when playing one another and will do so 5 times including preseason, Ottawa however not being a natural rival would benefit from poaching a few players from Hamilton especially late in the season when Ottawa can play spoiler to the Cat's.

Be it good, or be it bad, regardless of where those two go, it would be best if they stay in the East together.

I'm Sooo looking forward to a full 2022 CFL season.


Good points. With Dedmon gone, Banks could be a good replacement on return teams, if he still wants to do that. I think signing Masoli & Banks together is a distinct possibility but TO would be the best option. First, the Argo/TiCat rivalry so it may appeal to them to make TiCats regret letting them go. Secondly, TO looks closer to being a contender than Ottawa, barring what happens during free agency.

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Brandon Banks has been a favourite of mine for many years and throughout this past season I felt that he was not being utilized enough and at times you could see the frustration on Bank's face. I am starting to doubt if Steinauer is the right coach for the Ti-Cats - two excellent players were recently released (Masoli and Banks) - we didn't get a thing for them - plus Banks has still some great years ahead. I am sorry to see him go.

If there's any Hamilton player I'd welcome here, it's Brandon Banks. So...I'm gonna' be nice when I say this. "Brandon...come to Winnipeg. Get yourself a Grey Cup ring. Then bugger off."

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I too like Brandon Banks, but he wouldn't fit I well in Winnipeg's team first atmosphere.

Long before Winnipeg pays out large for Speedy I'd rather see Lucky in Blue & Gold.

Guess what ? You did see Lucky in Blue & Gold .

Unfortunately Winnipeg for whatever reason didn't like what they saw in Blue & Gold when it came to Lucky and let him go to seek his fame and fortune elsewhere .

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Whitehead signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL) on May 9, 2019.[20] He had a breakout performance in Week 3 of the 2019 regular season, catching 7 passes for 155 yards with two touchdowns.[21] Whitehead finished the year with 52 catches for 521 yards and two touchdowns, one rushing touchdown, and one kickoff return for a score in 15 regular season games. He was on the injured list during the Blue Bombers' playoff run, but was part of the 107th Grey Cup championship team. He did not play in 2020 following the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season and became a free agent in 2021.

Yes I'm very aware we were lucky to have Lucky in Winnipeg, that doesn't mean I wouldn't want him 'back'

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Your logic is sound but I think Chandler Worthy is the guy in TO.

I still think Banks has a few years left in him. But like we've seen just don't wear him out on Special Teams. When he was in Hamilton many teams took a lot of out of bounds shots on him and the refs let it go. I get he's fast and you want to make sure he's not slipping away, but it was very rare to see any penalties drawn for late hits on him out of bounds. He's a smaller player so those big hits hurt more, even when you see him bounce back up. He did take a few hits that put his season and playoffs at risk.

To say he's a selfish player isn't right. Look what he did with what personnel were on the field at times. He did his time with the teams and filled many holes when other players were injured. Like when Chad Owens shopped around, I don't think its a big ask to find more $ if you can get it.

But Damien Cox believes the Argos are going to the XFL, so time to build up the Ottawa - Hamilton rivalry...........................