TiCats Books Open To City Staff

The Spec's Emman Reilly says Scott Mitchell was asked by Councilor Morelli if the TiCats books are open to City staff. Mitchell replied in the affirmative. This should end the "those dirty Tiger Cats won't open their books" type complaints by certain members here.


Yes they will want Bob to put his hat on sideways and stand on one foot while opening the books to city council. :lol:

This will now open new threads on other forums that the TigerCats are cooking the books. :wink:

I wonder how many landlords have access to their tenant's financial information?

Actually, Mitchell said they always have been open.........but expects confidentiality from those people (city officials, politicians etc)

.......a reasonable expectation


Other then maybe shutting up some of the hot heads, someone needs to tell me now disclosing the profit/loss makes any difference in getting a deal done. Is this suddenly going to become a charitable offer from the Citys taxpayers? I doubt it. Is it going to make the Province and Feds want to toss even more dollars at us? I doubt it too.
Bob Young has said many times they lose money at IWS, thus a new stadium is required to stop this. Proving it doesnt change the fact that we need a new stadium to assure TiCat football remains in Hamilton successfully.

If anyone knows how this will really help please fill me in.

Because Justafan, shutting up the "Needless Corporate Welfare" case that some have been parading around, means fewer can use the argument to influence the public, and thus councilor votes. At that point the argument becomes "The Cats are losing money and they can only make money/stick around at one of their sites. Do you want to keep the Cats at the cost of increased taxation/delay of other public renewal projects." The more cut and dry the issue is, the better for all parties involved.

However, I agree this could easily backfire in Mitchel's face, if the Cats haven't been keeping solid records. If the city gets a look at the books, they have an obligation to inform council that the cats are losing money because of poor management (such as bloated store inventories or excessive expenses). Conversely if the profits are incredibly bad, to the point that no matter which site is selected, the Cats are unlikely to break even, even if they draw sellouts every year that will hurt their position. As will if they are so close to profitability, that any new site location will push them over the edge, because we all know any new site will bring in more initial revenue at which point it's up to the Cats to keep that revenue going.

I also think it will influence the Province to cough up more money if the economics work out. Provincially, Hamilton is a Liberal/NDP swing vote and the Liberals would love to take over a couple of ridings in the city, especially with Andrea Horwath being the new leader of the provincial NDP. After all, if they are turning a profit and have a $500,000 tax property tax increase for Hamilton, that's less the province has to pay the city in social services. Federally though, the Conservatives haven't had a chance in Hamilton for some time (well except in Ancaster/Dundas/Westdale) and I just don't see them gaining ground. I think they'd much rather keep trying to crack the Liberal and NDP haven of Toronto.

However, I agree this could easily backfire in Mitchel's face, if the Cats haven't been keeping solid records.
No need to worry about the accuracy of our books - we need the tax write-offs and Revenue Canada insists on very well documented records. ;-)

Caretaker, my brother is a semi-retired CGA. I'm sure he can lend a hand if need be, just give me a shout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Caretaker, don't worry about these thankless humans that pretend to be fans. You are about the only one that has shown true character during this whole mess.
I hope the majority of the city gets the message, we need a new city council and mayor, to get this stadium deal done.
Hamilton Keep your ti-cats, Remove your politicians!!! It will be a game changer for the better of our city.


I wonder if WhiteStar will open their books...........both sets :wink:

Interesting. I am not so sure that the "open the books" crowd was interested in todays figures as much as it was curious what business logic/forumulas/projections were used to determine that the WH location was a big money losing venture. (For example, its fine to say we are going to loose 7 million a year. But of course, thats because the owner plans on leasing a Helicopter and putting a landing pad on the roof that costs 7 million).

Obviously that example is completely crazy, but that is the sort of information I THINK people we hoping to get at. This was the city might be able to help accomidate the TiCats by working the numbers. Parking concessions? Rent agreements. All that kinds of stuff..

I am not sure if this is the information that is being made available?



:wink: :lol: :lol:

(some may not be old enough to "get" the meaning of this)

LMAO :lol: Good one... and very timely! :thup: :thup:

Councilor Morelli. Should run for Mayor :thup: :stuck_out_tongue: