Not sure how many fans stayed up to watch the game. Heck of a first half. This game really belonged to the D and special teams. Offense had a solid first half as well, converting every opportunity into points. The first half was really fun to watch.

My only complaint was the playcalling coming out of halftime. We had a big lead but it looked to me like we went into game management mode immediately on our first drive of the second half. It would've been highly unlikely that Masoli could go on another tear like he did a couple weeks ago in Edmonton, but anything is possible. Unlike in Edmonton, our D held up in the second half. Myself, I would like to see them keep the foot on the gas and get another TD or a FG or two to squash any optimism the opposition may have coming out of the break before going into manage the game and run down the clock mode. We kind of went back to what we were doing in the first half after the Ticats put up some points, but we should've come out with that mentality.

Gotta feel for Kevin Fogg. Two returns for TDs this year and both called back by just thoughtless, careless penalties within 20 yards or so of the endzone with him running free and clear. One of these days he'll get one that counts. He reminds me a lot of Demond Washington actually, just has been better at holding onto the ball so far.

....Cats got burned big time....Did they think we were just going to lay down?...The only thing that was laid was a severe beat down on an Austin led team, that does not like to get beat down..Did anyone catch the look on Austins mug when we walked into the end zone on that Masoli gift...Heh Heh...worth the price of admission alone :lol: ...We embarrassed the hell out of them and I've been waiting for a little pay back for the 'boat incident' of a few years ago...We seem to have their number this year and I hope we can keep it up....O'Shea might be able to unpack a few of his bags shortly IF we do...Seemed every facet of the game was working...I think a big slap on the back goes to Clarence Denmark...Sure glad they are a great judge of talent over there in Sask. (NOT :lol: ) cuz Denmark is right where he belongs ... in the Peg..We knew he had talent and is a damned good receiver and the reason for his release did not have anything to do with his talent level...Glad he's back and hopefully to stay... :thup: Nichols is looking solid and if he can keep it going...who knows...we might turn this season around that was not looking good from the get-go...Team deserves all of these :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: