Ticats Bombers play by play Thread Aug 14 2008


Here we go another Game day Thread
Can the Ticats Avoid the Trap game in Bomber town.

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Scouting the Ticats:


Back Game Story from CFL.ca

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/ti-cats-visit-bombers-at-canad-inns]http://www.cfl.ca/article/ti-cats-visit ... canad-inns[/url]

Depth Charts

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/images/PDF/aug_14_depth_46.pdf]http://www.bluebombers.com/images/PDF/a ... pth_46.pdf[/url]



Thanks, Onknight

for starting this thread again. I`m expecting a Cats win tonight!!! Oskee Wee Wee!!!! Go CATS!!

30 min!

Huge game -- one that can make the second half of the season into a playoff run!

Oski Wee Wee -- eat 'em raw Cats!

8) I don't think I can take this suspense of waiting much longer Russ !!!!!!! :wink:

One thing is for sure: it will be a VERY UGLY bye week in The Peg is they fall four points behind the Cats, especially if they tank it.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Oh yeah, and I think it would spell the doom for Mr. Berry at this time !!!!

Cats win this we are back in the thick of things
Big game
Go Cats

It's my B-day today.. so I placed a call to one of the Cats and told him I NEEDED A WIN ... he said he'd see what he could do :rockin:

OSKEE WEE WEE :cowboy:

Dunno, Tipper, Taman (sp?) is saying that there is a strong sense of "loyalty" to the team (and this would include coaching) from upper Mgmt over there...

The only thing that has kept the vultures from circling at this point is that coat of teflon Berry got for being a Grey Cup finalist last year. Both he and the other Greg Marshall have had no answer for the woes of the Bombers for most of this season.

If Berry signed a contract extension earlier this year, that might be the only thing keeping him from being dismissed. We will see.

Oski Wee Wee,

Winnipeg signed Berry to a contract extention at the beginning of this year but haven't mentioned it at a press conference yet, they're waiting for the right time according to TSN.

I am a very big beleiver in teams being due in certain circumstances. I think WPG is due for a win, and to be honest, ticats are one of their best chances. Being at home, and being ticats coming off a win last week. I would not be surprised to see a bomber win, and it would not cause me to be tempted to write the cats off. I expect the cats to win 4 or 5 more this yr, in keeping with my preseason thought of 0-6 followed by 500 play. Just dont expect tonight to be one of them.

However, here's hoping anyhow. No matter what happens tonight, I am still going to believe in richie.

Should be a Blast and a Close Game

kickoff is almost here
Lets go Cats!!!!

8) Hey "jen_dub", it's my birthday today also, Aug. 14. We both need a big win from our Cats tonight to make our birthdays happy ones !!!
 Go Cats Go !!!  Happy Birthday jen_dub !!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

No Tre Smith hurts, to add to all the other injuries.

I hope last week's offense shows up tonight.

The Bummers might be a little unsettled with the QB switching.


Drop, drop, drop...

Wilson shout have had that .
we have stay out of 2nd and long

Wow, that was a crap series.