Ticats @ Bombers July 2 Postgame Thread

Please keep all general thoughts about the July 2 Tiger-Cats @ Blue Bombers game in this thread.

Awww...... come'on. All general thoughts??? Why not pre-set 3 or 4 threads then....

Feel free to create threads on individual subjects - like the ones you listed - but any "my thoughts on the game" posts will be moved into this thread.

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Alright first off, Rottier let Winnipeg's end in several times. He's gotta get his act together, or we need to start lining up a fullback to block on his side.

Shivers was just plan awful, Pass Interference and very poor coverage.

Beveridge is showing his age, unsurprisingly.

Linebackers took a bit of warming up, they should be good for next game.

More running needs to be attempted, this was a problem last season, when Cobb would get stopped and we simply would not run the ball.

Defensive Line did a very good job, we need the secondary to pick it up though.

Also, looking like Hamilton is building the farm. We have Cobb and now a Thigpen. However we can do without the stench.

There is room to build here, we had a good comeback streak and were competative and we still have a young team but adjustments will need to be made. We can't rely on Thigpen to run back two TDs a game.

I'm calling first thing tomorrow morning to get my money back for my season tickets. Fire Mitchell, fire Obie, actually.....it's all Jason Farr's fault

Our offensive line played a game losing performance. Our veteran QB and his coaches did not compensate. Our defence was mediocre. We lost.

#65 lost this game for the Ticats, the last play letting the defender by and letting Glenn get pounded and lose the football surely earns Rottier the next bus ticket outta town, NI or no NI. Maybe the O-line coach should be given a ticket too for not replacing him with a hungry backup much earlier in the game.

I wouldn't blame KG for that game. He pulled off some good plays and he played a decent game. If he had better protection, that would have been a different ballgame. I think some coaching adjustments though, to compensate for Rottier could have been made.

Do not post angry....take 24 hours and think about it....just kidding

Beveridge was OK...Rottier was Rotiserreed.
Need a ratio change on the o-line I am afraid.

Perhaps http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=56943

Beveridge was ok?
what were you watching?

Don't you have an Eskimo to take care of?

something tells me you are right

thats funny :smiley:

For a long time, we have wanted a player who could return punts, kickoffs, and missed FGs for TDs. And for the first time in a long time, we got two TDs on returns by the same player. Too bad we did not get much other than that when it comes to putting points on the board.

There will be much that'll be said about the all-Canadian offensive line, Rottier in particular. Three sacks appeared to happen because of him, including the one that led to the fumble that cost us the game. But let's not forget that they could not open holes for Cobb. That seemed to lead to giving up on giving up on handing it to him. Another player who I expect to be criticized is James. There was that dropped pass that appeared to be a fumble, and then an interception happened because of pass he could not hold onto.

I'm still concerned about Palardy. That blocked punt was a result of him not getting it off quickly enough.

The D got to Pierce a few times and kept Reid from getting far with exception to that one big gain he got. Shivers and Beveridge will get their share of criticism.

It was yet another disappointing start to our season. It would have been good to get off to good start.

But as I said in game thread, remember this: A team that went 3-15 beat us easily to start last year, and this WPG team easily beat us on Thanksgiving last year. But I hope to see something more from this team on the home opener. And CGY did not do so well last night, did they?

Another good job goes to Sandro, he did everything that was asked of him, and more. He needs to be locked up to a long term deal.

what are you talking about, havent you seen the guy post, everything is Glenns fault...

Rottier got embarrassed, he was put in a position to fail. He is clearly not ready. Offensive line looked shaky as a whole. As for Sandy, I got pretty sick of watching him watch recievers run by. Disgusting game, definitely not the season opener I was expecting! Let’s hope we can pull up our socks and get our heads out of our …