Ticats @ Bombers GDT

The Ticats have their claws out.

Will it be enough to tame the Bombers?

Where's Julie Newmar or Halle Berry ? Lee Merriwether was too much like watching somebody's mom. She never tickled my fancy.

Bombers cannot take the Cats lightly. We have to put the pedal to the medal and keep it there.

Ok, is that enough cliches ?

I hope their their running back doesn’t move like Batman!!!!! :slight_smile:

Julie Newmar is the true Catwoman. All others are imitators. The Ti-Cats could use her.


I see another Winnipeg loss (ala Wednesday Night).

Same city. Different sport. Same Result.

Julie Newmar is THE Catwoman.

Although Lee Mariweather was a good substitute.

I would like to forget Eartha Kitt.

As for the game, Ti-Cats are an improved team.

However, Bombers are not going to lose at home.

...and much like Halle Berry, the Ti-Cats are completely forgettable this season. :wink:

Love the new group of Cat-Women on Gotham. The little Russian-named girl Camren Bicondova (around 16) is amazing w/ some fine acting chops.
The lady who plays Barbara keen, Erin Richards is stunning - simply stunning.
But the Canadiangirl, Jessica Lucas who plays Tabitha Galavan/aka Tigressis the best. Could easily stand up to Julie Newmar & Eartha Kitt.
Will Smith’s wife played a remarkably seductivevillainess last couple years but she’s only coming on for special appearances!

Eartha Kitt was purrrrrr-fect.

Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Tigress on Gotham. Enjoy!

aj lucas.png

Thank cripes we got the TSN B-team (they don't have an A_team anymore) in Chris 'Vienna Boyz Choir" Cuthbert and Glen "Stick to my game notes no matter what" Suitor.

I like Quinn's running but why did the Ticats sign him? Shouldn't he be an Eskimo?:wink:

He's not super special . . . . doesn't appear to have the engine burst of Gizmo Williams (that's the gold standard for returners!

But I'm sure he'll burn the bombers for a long one tonite - bombers appear a bit fat 'n sassy tonite!

Questionable play call on 2nd and inches costs Hamilton a possible continuation of the drive

They got fat 'n sassy cuz the bombers came out fat, sassy and ready to be slit.

Wonder if O'Shea is nervous putting Medlock out for field goals tonite - something not right with Medlock (timing?)

Area51 (Foley's brother) prolly jumpin' with joy as Matt Nichols exhibiting some obvious 'scrub' traits!

Have to say that most CFL FG kickers have surpassed $200k man Justin Medlock this season. Medlock has the lowest percentage of any FG kickers (other than temps & fatties).

Sergio Castillo administering a field goal kicking clinic of recent - while Medlock appears terrified trying anything over 46 yds.

Its always something!

btw Winnipeg had Sergio in their mitts a couple yrs back but he wasn't quite the accuracy machine he is now - but he certainly had a more powerful leg than Medlock (who's tight as hen's teeth from beyond 47)

Wpg also had Rene Parades (best kicker in league immo) and Liram Hiralahu but let both guys clear.

I'm expecting more from the Winnipeg D. Is the Cat's more balanced attack throwing them off? It is me!