Ticats-Blue team Preseason Game Play-By-Play Thread

On the old site, there was some controversy about the play-by-play threads. I'm hoping we can start on a clean slate with the first game of the 2006 season.

The Teams:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Toronto Argonauts (gulp, had to swallow something back there... :o )

The Place:

The Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

The Time:

1900hrs (that's 7:00pm for those of you outside the military and Quebec

You can listen to the game on 900KHz on your AM dial, or online at http://www.900chml.com

All contributions are appreciated.

I'll be there :wink:

I will be there too :thup:


There goes the nebourhood... :lol:

I'll be there.

borehamgirl, pay no attention to the detractors. The neighbourhood wii get along just fine.

Thanks Wilf...some people just never get bored with it.

whoever is going, would you mind taking lots of pictures for us who arent??

I'm starting to hate my new job. I wont even be able to listen to the game as I wont finish work till around 8pm (2000hrs) this Friday. So I wont be participating in this thread much either. And on the 10th I will probably be on the road between Edmonton and Prince George BC (about a 10 hour drive) at game time.

Thats it!! As of today I am no longer available to work during any Ti-Cats games once the regular season starts.

Go Cats Go!

A little more than 24 hours till the longest off-season in the history of the universe ends…(even though it’s a pre-season game, I’ll take it!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and good luck to all the new guys in their quest to crack the line-up on the coolest professional sports team in the world…no,…the universe!..

I'll be there :smiley: but I'm going to boycott the game at IWS...again :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to listen on the radio :frowning:. Ahh well, next friday...next friday. Hopefully they let Ricky play, I want to see him get crunched.

Nice job, sigs.

Clear, concise and nothing superfluous. I nominate sigpig to do it all season.

Well, my assignment is supposed to start at 6:00 EDT however it is totally dependent on the weather and according to the Weather Network it is supposed to start thunder storming around 5:00. So I may be able to listen to the game on 900chml.com. COMMON RAIN!!!

Define "it" Zontar... lol

If you mean the play-by-play threads, sure, I'll try, but i don't want it to be a monopoly.

If you mean another meaning for "it", then I have to say that I love "doing it" throughout the entire year, not only during the CFL season... :lol:

I think you’ve had too many CF rat-packs,
C’mon take the game thread thing over, nobody does “it” better.

Sorry but I think it is a really bad idea for any one person to be responsible for the game day threads. look at the wars it almost started last year.

I have no problems with Sig doing "it" but why not let others have the chance as well.

And no I don't want to start the game threads.

That's what I said jl. I don't want it to be a monopoly. Everyone should be able to join in the fun.

Well, it does not matter to me who starts these threads. Just as long as we have them. And after several months of not having them, I certainly am relieved that I am finally posting in one again.

And unfortunately, I won't be participating in this one, as I won't even be able to listen to the game on CHML. So hopefully those of you who'll be documenting what happens in this game will give as much information as possible on what happens. I do plan on checking back here after the game to take a look at what people had to say as the game was happening, to get a snapshot of people's thoughts and emotions as it all happened.

Well, it may only be an exhibition game, but still... it's gameday! And it's about time! Yes!