Ticats @ Blew Team 2023 PBP thread

It’s almost time for Game #2 this season, and it’s against our most hated rivals.

If Hamilton plays the way they did last week, I predict another loss.

If BLM plays the same way he did last week, he deserves to be banched for the game. The question is, will Stein have the stones to do so.

Our primary returner and DB is out with an undisclosed condition.
We are starting two raw rookies at CB - something ANY team will exploit.
Our placekicker has disappeared into the ether and is on the suspended list with no explanation.
We are dressing only 6 O-linemen. One would think that is a bad decision since we lost TWO of them last week to injury.

Frankly, with what we saw last week, I’m not too hopeful for a win, despite the turnover in personnel in Toronto.

Maybe one of these decades the team might actually start the season prepared to win football games…

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I hope we win


Everyone hopes they win.

I hope they win too. My brain, on the other hand, isn’t hopeful based on past performance.

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Exactly where I’m at.

Odds of Ungerer being the difference maker in this game?


Same pre-game thoughts as last week…

  1. The D-Line must put pressure on Chad Kelly and take away his time to look for the available plays. That did not happen last week.

  2. BLM and the offence must put up a significant number of points. That can give us a shot at winning as our D has a big lack of experience in the backfield especially at the corners and leaves us vulnerable to the air attack. Again did not happen last week.

  3. Penalties! Penalties! Penalties! Killed us last game. Must be drastically reduced.

The good news is that the Blew team isn’t nearly as deep as the Bummers. They have had significant turn over and a bunch of starters out too.

This game is a chance for the Cats to make a statement! The only question is - will it be a bold or bad one.

I personally expect a much better game from the Cats. More disciplined and focused. I expect to win this one.


For those viewing, apparently the US Open and a Yankees/Red Socks game is more important than CFL Football.
The game is on TSN4 and TSN5 for those viewing on “cable”…

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Who’s going to BMO?

To quote Hufnagel, as his team went into Montreal to play the Als in the Grey Cup in their house: “we’ve got them right where we want them.”


Since they’re not playing my Bombers, I’ll be pulling hard for the Ticats tonight.
Still have my shirt from the game I attended about 7 years ago. I believe it was Hamilton over Toronto. The game was stopped temporarily due to lightning.


I do think that the team will play better - doubt that Kelly is going to be able to carve them up like Collaros did early in the game. They DID get better in the second half and have had some extra rest so the boatmen coming off their bye shouldn’t be a big factor.
Can’t say that I’m too confident in Legghio as a kicker - not going to be as good as Small but maybe we’ll be surprised. They DO have to be better at stopping the run - was surprised when I saw how many rushing yards they gave up to the BBs because they seemed to be containing Oliviera at least early in the game.
I do expect to see more discipline - something that definitely needs to be cleaned up.

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Last week it seemed like the Ticats didn’t gel until the 2nd half. A lot of dumb penalties, etc. Hopefully, Toronto will still have rust while Hamilton stays sharp.

Holy empty stadium, Batman.

Crap - Dunnigan is on colour. how long until he’s incoherant?

Interesting both teams in home unis.

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Still dark vs light… lol

Well Ferguson is decent on PxP anyway. Time for the D to shut them down.

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I think he’s excellent on PxP

3-and-out for our D