Ticats @ Blew Team 2023 PBP Thread #4

This is the last regular-season game against Toronto this season, and it seems as if they’re resting both Roid-Boy (6-game) and the idiot formerly known as Ouelette.

Toronto has nothing to play for, so it will be interesting how they will play. Hamilton has to play the same way they did against both BC and WPG in order to have a chance for a victory.

It’s a rout. Montreal beat Calgary… We gotta win today

Big announcement. All footballs that go into the seats are to be returned to staff.

Those micro chips aren’t cheap

Is the game happening right now? Why isn’t DSN showing it?

TSN4 and TSN5
Apparently tennis takes priority on TSN1

I’m on TSN 4 and not seeing the game.

The game hasn’t actually started and they are on a commercial break on TSN4 for me.

lets go cats and kick some butt

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The only positive about that Montreal win is that Calgary, the team coming off a bye, looked terrible so the Ticats should have no problem handing them another loss next week - but first they need to beat the boatmen - or sink them!

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come on D need to stop these guys.

They finally do! - Still in FG range so Bede boots it through. Time for the Ticats to get a drive together for a TD.

lets hope we can return the favour with a TD

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That was not good

wrong team with the TD. wow nice way to start a game. Now we do have our work cut out for us

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He never took his eyes off the primary receiver, rookie QB mistake.

Well that was a TD - but Powell threw it to the wrong coloured jersey! UGH!!! :confounded:

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Down by 10, 5 minutes in.

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Not the way that you want to see them start. they were down by 17 in the LD game in the first quarter and couldn’t recover from that.

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Back to reality this week, sigh!