TiCats #Blackout @ Rogers Centre - EDF

Tweet from Greg Wojt;

Greg Wojt ?@Gwojt66 2h I am so pumped for this Sunday! #TiCat fans lets pack the Rogers Centre and make it a home game for us! #BlackOut
This is an absolutely fantastic idea! I went to a University of Georgia vs Alabama game a few years ago in Athens. The Georgia Bulldogs pulled out all black uni's & helmets & had all their fans dressed in black! It made for quite the memorable, emotionally charged & passionate atmosphere!

Just imagine what it'll look like on TV or to Argo players & fans when they look around & see sectionss of black with little bits of blue & white intermixed!

Let's Do This!

TiCat Nation BlackOut!

Wow, I just pulled out my white game worn jersey and black pants to match the players assuming they will wear whites.
Now, I have a dilemma on my hands on what to wear.....need to go with the concencus on this one...what do ya think?

We are not a university with all the commonality of a College team’s fan base. So don’t worry what you wear as long as it is clearly Ticat colours. Yellow/Black, even Wildcat Red will work.

And [shameless plug] now’s your opportunity to stock up on Official Ticat gear at the Ticat store, either online or at 1 Jarvis. Thanks!

WOW. This is really great all of the attention and true pride going into the Eastern Final Rivalry. I wish I lived in Hamilton I would just love to go and be part of something like an organized black out from away fans.
I hope the Argos and one of their sponsors get involved as well. like buy Navy Blue T-Shirts to give all Argo fans at the door.
2013 Eastern Final on the front and the sponsors name on the Back. Have a Blue out.

As a student in the field of fan garbology (not to be confused with fan garbageology, the study of the Argos) my experience has been to where as many of your team colors as possible, without garbing in any or as few of the opposing team's color and attempt to oppose the opposing team's color as much as possible. However, white is generally considered neutral, unless it's only secondary color of the opposition (IE Saskatchewan, Indianapolis Colt, New York Jets...etc), since all teams don white at some point and the CFL logo on your jersey also doesn't count as red, for the same reason.

For example, lets say I own a Yellow Alt Jersey, a Home Jersey and an Away Jersey. The yellow Alt is Yellow/Gold, Black, White and Red trimmed. The Home is Black and Yellow/Gold and the Away is White, Black and Yellow.

Following the rules this should be the choice.

Montreal - Home (or Away/Yellow Alt) - No red in Jersey, none of the colors match the opposition and black isn't in the normal Alouette's color scheme of silver, blue, red and white. If they are wearing their blacks alts, Away is preferred in this case due to the lack of white, or the Yellow Alt due to the lack of Red with the Als.

Toronto - Yellow Alt - It has Yellow, Red, Black and White. White is the only opposition color but it's neutral as the Argos have Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Teal and White in their color schemes.

Ottawa - Away or Yellow Alt - White away Jersey has the lowest amount of black and no red with some yellow. White is technically Neutral because the RedBlacks have Black, Red and White in their color schemes. The yellow alt is tempting, as the primary yellow opposes them the most, however you are also wearing white with red trim. Tough call.

Winnipeg - Away or Home - Yellow/Gold meshes to close with their Gold. White is technically neutral as the bombers have Blues, Gold and White in their color schemes. However, you can get away with a home one here, as Winnipeg has limited colors so white might be favoring them slightly.

Saskatchewan - Home - White isn't neutral here and to be avoided since the Riders only have green and white.

Calgary - Home (or away) - Calgary has also gone Black recently. If they are wearing black helmets away, if not then home. Because the stamps had red, white and black, oppose the dominant red or black as white is technically neutral. Avoid the yellow because of the red trim.

BC - Yellow Alt - Yellow, Red, Black and White, White is the only opposition color but it's neutral. Even when playing their black Jerseys, the red tilts the scales.

Hope that helps, and keep in mind if you don't have a multiple Jerseys, that's fine. Any Jersey generally ranks higher on the chain the regular shirts. That ranking goes Jersey with Face/Body Paint, Costume/Cos-Player, Jersey, Team Shirts, Shirts colored in colors of your team, regular clothes, opposition colors.

That's even before we get into hats....

I should also add, we tried a Blackout a couple years ago vs the Riders....I seem to recall we lost that game.

I guess I just don't put the same amount of thought into it that you do. I've gathered so many sweaters and jerseys of various ilk over the years and yet, every single one of them is black, including an old kids jersey I got when I was 7 that, amazingly, still fits my 6 foot frame of today (ok well it slips on and off quite easily at least)

What if I wore my Flying Wildcat red jersey?

Hmm...it would be acceptable, although it's more dependant on what other jerseys you have available to you. Since the yellow alt is discontinued, if you don't have one, any other jersey would be next in priority, although I would lean slightly more towards the home jersey that has no white.

No need to plug here Caretaker...already been down stocking up on stuff for the annual Pilgrimage, this year to Regina. Let's hope this year; being there is over the top!!!
Note: Went from slightly disinterested this year in Guelph to over the top with excitement and firmly back on the band wagon with my wife and 4 year old in tow! See you Sunday and hopefully in the big R next week. :thup:

At the Roger's Centre.....Looks like Black is the New Blue!!!!

I only have black gear anyways…

…on the other hand my daughter will be wearing her gold Ticat shirt…

A blackout wont really work but if we can get all the Ticats fans wearing black, yellow or white that would be amazing!

I always thought that fans (with a choice) should try to wear the colours that their team would be wearing ON THAT DAY.

In the old days of the NHL, Winnipeg's Whiteout worked because teams wore white home jerseys.
More recently, I think that home Whiteouts are stupid since the visitors wear the white jerseys.

I was planning on wearing my white Cats jersey this weekend, since that's the colour my team will be wearing.
But I'm happy to wear Black if that's what the fan base wants to do.


I think it would be a good time to get rid of those red sweaters once and for all. :wink:

I'd rather see a sea of Black and Gold(our team colours, rather than just black, which alone, isn't our team colours.

Bring the black...bring the gold....most importantly.....BRING THE NOISE!!!!!!