Ticats Biggest Needs ?

  1. New Head Coach ( Not a thing that I liked from Cortez this year --demote to OC ) -
  2. New DC ( Seems he had very little talent to deal with but still could have doen much better with what he had ) - We need a Rich Stubler , Don Sutherin type guy )
    3 A few DB's that can guard man to man and cause turnovers ....CFL experience preferable
  3. A guy that can rush the passer .
    5 Young Qb's to develop behind Burris
    6 A middle linebacker that can contain and not so easily fooled . CFL experience preferred .
    ( BC has Bighill and Soluman ) -- make a trade for one of these guys ..trade our number one pick and Rey Williams and others for one of these 2 guys

Needs we did fill

DT ( Moore and T. Davis look perfect )
OLINE ( Husband and Bailargeon ) gor great experience and we have Moe Petrus and Carson Rockhill ready for next year

We also have Fred Plesius at linebacker who could be in camp next year

  1. An average Defense
  2. Continuity/stability
  1. A place to call home -- a locker room, training room, weight room, meeting rooms, equipment room, storage and a practice field.
  2. A stadium, or a few, to play "home" games at.

How about a hiring a GM that can actually figure out the Ticat's Biggest Needs? Then the fans wouldn't have to figure it out on the forum. :cowboy:

NEW OWNERSHIP :wink: :thup:

  • New DC
  • One good cover DB, preferably 6'0'' or taller
  • One good rush end
  • One good NI offensive tackle
  • Patience :slight_smile:


I would have traded Giguere and Porter for McPherson in Montreal earlier, but now Porter in a FA. Not that Montreal would have obliged.