Ticats Best and Worst trades

Best Trades:

The rights to QB Vince Ferragamo to MTL for RB David Green and WR Keith Baker.

QB Tom Clements to WPG for QB Dieter Brock.

OL Carson Rockhill and LB Nathan Kenya to EDM for QB Jeremiah Masoli , OL Greg Wojt, and LB Simoni Lawrence.

Worst Trades:

OL Ryan Bomben and our 2018 2knd overall pick to MTL for the 2018 first overall pick. WR Mark Chapman either had no intensions of playing for the ticats or had unreasonable salary demands. Either way , one would think we’d have talked to him prior about these issues.

LB Zeke Moreno to WPG for DE Larry Canada ( Larry refused to cone to Hamilton) Then we get WPGs first round pick and the right to DT Corey Mace. Moreno was the best LB in the CFL at the time.

DT Davon Coleman to BC for a fourth round pick

DE Charleston Hughes to SASK for 3rd string QB Vernon Adams.

DB Chris Thompson to EDM for WR Maurice Mann.

DE John Chick and a 4th round pick to EDM for a 2knd round pick


I think you accidentally put this one in the wrong category.

I guess you are entitled to your own opinion Pat ?

Post goes off the rails right around here.

I share it.

Flick and Wayne Smith for Rocky Butler was a joke.

I would add the Johnny Football trade as a bad trade for a few reasons.

1 Increased interest in the team that has Manziel especially younger fans increasing longer term fan base and getting more younger people seeing CFL / ALS football and realizing it’ pretty good.

2 Increased exposure down south could lure some good players who may want to play with Johnny.

3 Big increase in Manziel jersey sales and attendance and TV viewers.

  1. On just the football side , I still give MTL the edge as Johnny has one full year under his belt and learned two different offences. I think he can only get better after a mediocre year. I don’t think he will be as good as June Jones says he will be but I think he will be a solid starter and come into camp in better shape. We got pending free agent WR Chris Wiliams and overpayed DE Jamal Westerman both of which we hoped would help us tremendously this year. Well neither performed as expected and then both went down to season ending injuries and neither one of them expect to be back next year. The two high draft picks are crapshoots but we could get lucky.So overall advantage to MTL.

It sure would have been nice to have Chris Williams and Sinkfield in the receiving crew in the eastern final instead of Mcdaniel and Buren and have National Westerman at DE allowing us to start the extra import at receiver.

I have to disagree with both of the assessments. We traded one star Qb for another…both needed new starts.

I think Clements stayed much longer in Winnipeg; as Dieter bolted to the LA Rams to hand the ball off to Eric Dickerson, by the end of the first season.
(Clements may have even won a grey cup in the peg)

Desjardins Greatest Hits…

First overall pick in dispersal draft (could have landed Kerry Joesph) for Corey Holmes. Joseph would have meant no Casey Printers and maybe no Glenn

Trades Holmes the next year with Chris Getzlaff for Jason Armstead.

Getzlaff could have solved HAMs cdn receiver problem for years and negated the need to draft a bust like Bauman .

Same year of trade.

Yes Crash, I totally agree with that flick trade. I forgot that one. I had heard they wanted Flick to take a pay cut and he refused.

Most of these bad trades are due to having to get rid of players. Apparently ,Moreno was having disputes with the coaches.

I know that Coleman was warned about not fighting in practice and he faught again and Jones told Tillman to cut hin and Tillman said woa wait a minute we can get something for him.

Obie wanted to shed his contract because he was also too slow and couldnt cover.
And he was 100% correct.

Do you want Manziel or Masoli as your QB?
One would have to go for the 2019 season. Salary cap doesn’t allow you to pay that much for 2 QBs. Cats didn’t do good, they did AWESOME getting what they did for Manziel.

And you mentioned the John Chick trade. That Edmonton fans would say was one of the worst trades they have ever made. Got a guy that was making over 200K a year and was traded mid season, the team absolutely went into the toilet and then he retired. How was this a bad trade for Hamilton?

Good Trade- Andy Hopkins to Montreal for Jimmy Edwards and Jimmy Jones. Edwards was a great back for a few years…

Irony being MTL was desperate for an elite back like Hopkins who was oft injured and never paid off for them and never saw fit to try Edwards.

Clements for Brock was a terrible trade in my opinion!

Can one of the old-timers on here remind us of the details of that whole Faloney/Patterson trade? Has to be a contender for best ever I would think.

Memory is fuzzy but I think the trade was QB Bernie Faloney and DL Don (?) Paquette for QB Sam Etcheverry and WR Hal Patterson. Something went wrong with the Faloney/Etcheverry aspect, but the Paquette/Patterson aspect held up. So, as I recall, Faloney stayed in Hamilton, Etcheverry stayed in Montreal, and Patterson came here and Paquette went there.

Don’t know if it was the “best ever” trade, but proved to one kid that Santa Claus was real and that dreams can occasionally come true. Only downer part was that Patterson did not keep his number 75 in Hamilton.

Getzalf trade was the worst I can think of as well. From what I remember at the time, he wanted to be closer to home (sask) and I guess we were nice enough to oblige.

I’d include our trade for Burris as one of the best considering the success that followed and that he was our first legit QB since McManus.

A nice list of the QBs we put up with between Mac and hank.

Unfair or not but Ballard and a huge part of the fanbase wanted Clements gone. He was the scapegoat , as QBs generally are, for not pulling the team out of the doldrums