Ticats "Befit" program....A big Thank you!

The Ticats BeFit program was launched today at my daughters' school. I just read more about the program and I think it is ANOTHER wonderful idea. I think it's going to make a huge impact and I can't tell you how excited my daughters were about going to school this morning. I only had to wake them twice today lol.

Thanks to all involved for taking the time to do something like this. It means a lot to the kids and makes me even more proud to be a Ticat fan.

Sound like great Idea BG …
The Marking Team is working Wounders again

I never knew you had kids, BG. Sounds like a great program!

In the mid 90's I was a high school football coach and too a coaching clinic that was offered by the team. John Gregory himself was the instructor. Was a great day for sure. I won a Reebok tracksuit!

I really love how much the Ticats have always been involved in the community.

I have 2 girls, zen.

My little one was so excited because she wants to be a cheerleader so she got a group of her friends together to make a little cheer that she was going to show the Cheerleaders that were going to be there.

The funniest thing is that when I dropped the girls off this morning, some of the kids I saw in the gym waiting for the program are kids who haven't been on time once this year lol. That speaks volumes.

The community work done by this team is unparalleled

Great stuff, good read BG.

What is funny though is I’ve seen the TiCats, particularly since Bob Young has come on board, as being involved in the community. And yet our mayor says this in that article in The Spec last week that flies in the face of this which I just don’t get:

“The Ticats need a football function, we need the community aspect,” said Eisenberger. “We have to work together on that.”

Mayor Fred, the Ticats also need the community aspect as well to the team and the stadium and the city. It’s like he thinks the TiCats are simply about a football team for a football team’s sake. Wrong Mr. Mayor. He doesn’t get it. :thdn:

I'd tell you what I think of our mayor, but I don't think it would pass the filter :lol:

Anyone who doesn't see the huge impact this team has in the community is a blind fool (and that's being generous). The hospital visits, the school visits, Hage's Heroes, Nick's kicks for kids, Goodspeed, Gauthier, Floyd, Bruce and Glenn bringing kids and unemployed people to the games. The list goes on and on. I can't think of any team that is as accessible and/or as community involved as the Ticats. That's not bias, it's just a fact. I'm sure other teams do great community work also, but our guys are the best. No question in my mind. :wink:

Argonaut fans would make the same claim for the Argos' community involvement via the Argos Foundation, the Huddle Up program, the Level the Playing Field program, the Big Men, Big Hearts program, the Youth Pass program, the Stop the Violence campaign, Adriano Belli's Big Kiss Fund along with other initiatives.
But it's not about which team is "the best" at this type of community and charitable work - both the Argos and the Ticats can be very proud of their efforts in these areas.

You are taking what he said out of context, Earl.

Here is what Mayor Fred said in context.

Football club president Scott Mitchell has said the team's corporate sponsors are lukewarm to the west harbour site due to accessibility and visibility issues.

The city favours it for community-building capabilities
that would link the waterfront to downtown,

but there is a question mark over the cost
of cleaning up the old industrial site.

"The Ticats need a football function, we need the community aspect,"
said Eisenberger. "We have to work together on that."

Mayor Fred's comment is not a general remark saying that
the Ticats do not have a function in the community, Earl

He is saying that the Tiger Cats think of the West Harbour site
in terms of it's function as a location for their football team

and the city is thinking of the affect locating the stadium
at the West harbour would have on the nearby community.

Earl, you know that Mayor Fred doesn't think that the 'TiCats
are simply about a football team for a football team's sake'

I give you two :thdn: :thdn: for not reading more carefully. :slight_smile:

Ticats target child fitness

Health, nutrition program will reach thousands

March 08, 2010 Jenni Dunning


Yasmine Angliss had the Ticats serve her breakfast and she can't wait to rub it in her dad's face.

"He’s a big fan. Too bad he couldn’t come – he had to work today,? the 11-year-old said with a grin.

The Grade 6 student was one of the nearly 60 kids who had three of the Ticats
pour them apple juice and cereal at the kickoff of a healthy lifestyle program

at St. Patrick’s Catholic Elementary School Monday.

The program, called BeFit, was created to inspire students to eat nutritious breakfasts and get active.

Ticats players will serve breakfast at 30 schools until May, and then visit 10 per month next school year.

They expect to reach 12,000 kids in the next year, said Shawn Burke, the team’s director of communications.

I am assuming there may be some sort of measureable goal-setting for the kids.

Can anybody help me on this?

Slick work Ron, I give you two thumbs for that! :wink: :thup: :thup:

Ron, I didn't see anything in the brochure they gave the kids about a measurable goal. It was nice info about healthy snacks and the importance of breakfast and such.

They played football with the kids and I just want to give another big thank you to Ray, Auggie and Marwan as well as the cheerleader who attended (I believe it was Helena). She was very nice to my little one and told her and the other little girls that they were future cheerleaders. They even got to do their cheer during the football game between the players and the kids so they were really excited. It was cute to see the little girl who was quoted in the above article showing off with the paper at school this morning.

Thanks for the info, borehamgirl. :smiley: