Ticats banter for Als fans

Here is a place for all you Als fans that love to invade the Ticat board like it's your own.

Please talk all the Ticats you want but keep it on your own board.

If this post bothers you then blame your own fans for me feeling the need to post it in the first place.

Have a good day and a nice life.

What happened to the Zen ? :lol:


Why can't posters from all different boards here visit each other without being called trolls?

We can.

But zen doesn't like it.

This zenstate is some piece of work. :lol: :lol:

Oskee wee wee. I'm bored already.

If this post bothers you then blame your own fans for me feeling the need to post it in the first place.
Don't blame others for your needs.
Have a good day and a nice life.
I guess the Eric Tillman thing is getting to you, Zenstate.

I’m not the one who trolls others teams boards on a daily basis like a pathetic ape looking for a fight. That would be you.

Try a Sasangasana might help you find your center.

there's always ticatfans.ca. they could use the posts.

I'm not sure why he's bothered so much by you guys coming over to the Ti-Cats area and posting your opinions. I've come over here from time to time to talk about Als stuff (and pretty much enjoyed it every time) and I like when some of you come and offer a different perspective over in the Ti-Cats section. I don't really understand why outsider opinions bothers him so much.

Everyone has a limit for how heated a debate or discussion can get before they consider it an attack. His is probably just a lot lower than most of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe 2013 will have your Ti Cats being a much improved team this year, with an improved defense. The "Laval gang" is going to roar this year. Take away WPeg and, its going to be a tight 3 way race for the Eastern League winner.

Niagara that's a perfect example.

If you were to post that on the Ticats boards, zenstate would blow a gasket and accuse you of trolling and trying to pick a fight. . . not that there is anything wrong in your post, just that you are an Als' fan, and, in zenstate's world, must not post on the Ticats' boards.

Go figure.

In zenstate`s world Drew Edwards has become a troll for reporting Chris Williams tweet that he is having some issues with Tiger-Cat management.

Don't think so, Drew is considered a Ticat fan so it's fair comment.

If a fan of another team were to post that in the Ticat forum, then he'd be angry.

It's all very ad hominem. . . it matters not what is posted, but it apparently matters very much to him just who is doing the posting.

If a Ticat fan posts "the sky is blue" no problem; if an Als' fan posts that, big problem.

Don't understand it myself. . .

I don't get it either. He appears to go off any time a non-Cats fan offers an opinion he disagrees with in the Cats forum. It's bizarre and kind of sad.

We welcome non-Als fans here, no matter what opinions they may hold, provided they treat us with respect. If you respect me, I'll respect you, and we'll get along fine. :slight_smile:

Happily, he's part of a very small minority on the Cats forum. The vast majority of Hamilton fans have no problem with non-Cats fans posting in their forum.

...I have never had a problem posting on anyones site except for the cats...I was accused of being a troll a year ago (heh heh papa a troll) and was banned from the CFL site for a week...Quite a laugher...So be careful when you go on there...A few cats fans were okay about going on the Bombers site and slagging us but got a little touchy when someone returned the favour...I guess they don't like airing their dirty laundry and having someone report on it (see Chris Williams incident) Kind of a double standard..Now they're taking it out on one of their faithful reporters (Edwards)...LOL LOL...I think you have to take a few of their supporters with a large grain of salt :wink:

They banned YOU! shocking…

I think the guy is a riot, I don’t think I’ve laughed this much on here in 8 years. FIrst his handle. That guy would not know a zen state if you rolled him in a sleeping bag and parachuted him on to a monastery in the mountains of Nepal. He should change it to zanystate :slight_smile:
In the matter of a couple hours he managed to make a butt of himself by being condescending to Banshee, try to pick a fight with me and D&P, got told by Ticat fans he was pretty much two face and then he got his own thread discussion locked and killed. I think that’s the first time I see someone ask for their own discussion to be locked :lol: :lol: Came here and started a thread inviting us to talk about him :lol: and then capped off his evening by breaking the forums own rules by calling Drew Edwards a Douche.

...lol ...it wasn't that shocking...It wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact I was co-leading in the VGCC at the time and couldn't post...I had to get MJ and ploen truth to do some intervening for me and post my selections...Papa has a loooong memeory and I don't forget when someone tried to 'carp' on me...I got even though with a few of their undesirables coming on the Bomber site...Childish...maybe but I got even..... :lol: :lol:

I go to all sites and like seeing others go to all the sites.