TiCats Awards

The Ticats have announced their 2013 award winners, as selected by the local members of the Football Reporters of Canada (including me and Uncle Milty) as well as head coach Kent Austin.

[b]The winners are:

Most Outstanding Player: Henry Burris

Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Brian Bulcke

Most Outstanding Rooke: C.J. Gable

Most Outstanding Canadian: Brian Bulcke

Most Outstanding Offensive lineman: Greg Wojt

Most Outstanding Canadian: Brian Bulcke[/b]

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While only one of these, IMHO, has a chance to be voted the Eastern Conference nominee for the league award, I agree with these selections.

The above quotes left out Most Outstanding Special Teams Player -- Marc Beswick
I agree with that vote, too.

Gable and Burris should win. Theres no way Ray misses 8 games and wins, if he does its an absolute joke.

I'm okay with all the TiCat nominees.

My predictions for the Eastern Representatives & Finals:

MOP = Ray - Losses out to Cornish
MODP = Cox - Wins
MOCDN = Durie - Losses out to Cornish
MOOLINE = January - Losses to out to LaBatte
MOST = Beswick - Losses out to Parades
MOR = Gable - Wins

Agreed. Missing half the season is one reason why Ellingson isn’t our nominee for the rookie award. (Probably would have been a toss-up with Gable if he hadn’t been injured.) Don’t see how Ray would be any different.

Toss up between Ray & Cox as MOP in the East. Burris isn't it this year. He wasn't a factor in the most significant & crucial game of the year. That says it all.

Have to agree with ya on that one Fender,IMO Burris has not had that terrific of a season as compared to last season.
Last year 43 t.d.s this year 22 t.d.s last year 5,367 yds passing this year 4,790 yds passing last yr 104.4 qb rating this yr 92.4 qb rating. The int's are almost identical(2012-19....2013-18)While the overall win total is up from last year,Henry's stats are down in pretty well every category.Don't get me wrong I think that if it weren't for Hank we wouldn't be where we are right now,but MOP winner??? Not this year,for a player of Burris's caliber,I don't think he's worthy of it based on his stats and spotty play over the last 4-5 games played.If I had a vote it would go to Ray,despite missing a good chunk of the season due to injury,Ray has only one less TD thrown (21) only 2 int.,77.2 comp. and a qb rating of 126.4

CJ should win MOR in the East and hopefully the League(if he does get beat out,it will be by Edem of Mtl)
As for the other nominees,I feel that Beswick and Wojt both have an outside shot to snag there categories,and Bulke while he has had a solid 1rst season as a Cat will likely lose out in both categories(Defense/Canadian)

Burris has shared playing time with LeFevour this season,
Hank could of had more TD's this year but LeFevour got alot of the red zone opportunities that Hank would have always had.
I am not complaining as it was good situations for LeFevour to succeed.
You would rarely see if ever, LeFevour put in when we were inside our 40 yard line, but almost always when inside their 20 yrd line on 1st down.
LeFevour had 7 rushing TD's

Excellent point. Burris should be given more opportunity in the red zone…talk about a lack of confidence. Play calling has also been suspect and predictable in the red zone.

Bulcke is steady, but not outstanding. Many others have had outstanding games(Lawrence, Isaac, Boudreaux, Murray, Davis, etc…) but not an entire campaign. I feel bad for JJ being passed over in previous years. He likely would have faired better this year in his natural LB position, but still leads the team in tackles. The only nominee to have a chance to win is Gable…please use him more! He’s been virtually absent the past 2 games.

Wonder what Banks could have done on special teams if he had been here from the start?