TiCats Award Nominees

TiCat nominees for the Schenley's/Gibson's Finest ... Whatever they're called now.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/chris-williams-leads-ticats-award-nominees]http://www.ticats.ca/article/chris-will ... d-nominees[/url]

Chris Williams for MOP & ST
Rey Williams on Defense
Luca Congi Top Canadian
Tim O'Neill Top Lineman
Josh Bartell Top Australian Rookie (New award)


Pretty good. However I would have went with Jamal Johnson or Dee Webb for MODP. I also would have voted for Brandon Boudreaux as our top rookie, but I can't complain because Josh Bartel has done a great job this year.

Chris Williams should be a lock for the league's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player.

Most of the time the kicker is the default Canadian nominee, not with Luca. He has been our best kicker since Ozzy (and considering we had some good ones since he retired, that’s saying something.) and well deserving of the nomination this year.


Here are the league-wide nominations.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/chris-williams-leads-ticats-award-nominees]http://www.ticats.ca/article/chris-will ... d-nominees[/url]

At first glance my only real big surprise is that Nik Lewis got jobbed in Calgary once again. This guy must be getting tired of playing in Calgary where he's obviously unappreciated!

Thought this post would get a little more "pin action" than it has. My thoughts, since I know most of you were waiting for them;

Brian Simmons should've been Top Lineman nominee. The guy has been the best player at the toughest position all season long. All of Walker's long runs early on in the season were over the left side. Narily a penalty all year. Solide performance @ Left Tackle.

Rookie? Maybe the TiCats misread the rules. The nominee doesn't have to be an actual rookie to the game of football! That being said, not a bad nominees. Though I would've offered up Brandon Boudreaux. Rookie rules are tough to interpret, but for my money he performed the best all season long.

No issue with Luca Congi @ Top Canadian. On a team that has Chris Williams, Luca deserves a nod & top non import is the proper spot.

Special Teams ... Obviously got it right.

Defense ... I understand the pick of Rey Williams ... They're rewarding players who played every game. But once again my money is JJ. If I'm the Ottawa GM, and either is available, I'm taking JJ before Rey Rey. Dee Webb, although exciting, made too many mistakes for my liking.

That leaves us with MOP. Tough choice. Burris has set all kinds of records. Williams has been a game breaker. Cobourne makes his team better. Once again I put my GM hat on and I say Burris was no better than Glenn and a wiliams is an anomaly. Therefore my vote goes to Cobourne. The guy is a true professional. He's the glue that binds. He can play for me anytime.

It’s interesting that you mention Ozzie, as he’s the assistant special teams coach and may have taught Congi some things about kicking FGs at IWS. I was thinking that Fantuz might be named our best Canadian, even though he wasn’t quite as good as he previously was. Because even when he’s not quite as good as he can be, he’s still good. But Congi’s consistency is the reason he was nominated. Didn’t he and Bartel, who was nominated for best rookie, help us get over Medlock?

And maybe Jamall Johnson should have been named out MODP rather than Williams.

I agree with all of the other nominations, though.

I think Burris & Fantuz being blanked in the team nominees says more in silence ...

To me it says; "You're the two highest paid players on the roster & you're not our nominees. Step up fellas!

If you look at all the nominees they're sending a message ... Play every game. Do what we ask of you. Know your role. Shut up and play. Q