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One of the effects of Covid for me is that I tend to be in the wrapper by 10pm most days. Glen Suitor and Blackie took about 30 seconds to get under my skin so I was happy to switch to the Ticats Audio Network.

I was very impressed with Tasker. He was well spoken, had good insights and was remarkably well polished.

I was less impressed with Broadhead as a play-by-play announcer. He didn't seem to pick up his cadence and doesn't seem to be inclined to paint a picture. I like to hear as the play starts: "Masoli under centre, three receivers wide, STE in motion", that kind of thing, instead it felt like silence and then "Masoli's pass is incomplete".


You sound surprised.

Steve is the son of famous NFL commentator Multi Tasker


Tasker is excellent! I agree with you on Broadhead. I love the radio calls so I'm hoping he'll get better.

I was surprised - I know Tasker Sr. is a commentator but experience counts and Luke sounded like he's been doing it for years.

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If CHML has any old tapes of Perc Allen calling a game, they should share them with Broadhead, so he has an example of excellence to aim at. Perc always painted a picture with his description. BTW, there is a vast difference between calling a game on television and calling a game on radio. :tv: - :radio:

I wonder if the Ticats couldn't use Rick Zamperin because he works for CHML or Marshall Ferguson because he will be calling some games for TSN?

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They likely have a contract with Broadhead which might be costly to void.

I understand they would have a contract with Broadhead now. I was thinking were the other two an option before they signed Broadhead.

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I listened to it, Zero delay, so much better than TSN
Broadhead was OK, I had absolutely no problem with it because I was watching on TV at the same time
He must remember that it is radio and must be more descriptive for radio only listeners
Luke was wonderful
IMHO, It was flawless for a first time broadcast
Will give it 2 :+1: :+1:

Also bigger listenership = bigger advertising $$$ for Ticats operating budget!


I like your optimism Grover. For a first effort it was excellent.

You make a good point about Broadhead just needing to add to his work - more description. He had no annoying habits or phrasing and spoke in complete, coherent, sentences.

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Looks like there is no available option to listen to the actual play-by-play broadcast after the fact? I am only seeing the Post-Game Show, plus various other non-game day features.


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I am surprised Tasker was not signed by the Ti-Cats and by any other team for that matter.

Injuries could be a factor perhaps.

I think it's a question of it being time for him to move on in life. We might have seen him for one more season absent Covid. I would have liked to have seen him one more time. Probably one of the smartest football minds on the team in recent memory - his ability to find an opening to make the catch and then avoid tacklers was really impressive.


It's good he was able to move on in good health but left the game too soon.

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Caretaker on CHML this morning

We're thrilled to be on the other side of that (horrible situation of not being able to play) and back to selling our wonderful product to our enthusiastic fans."
"We got our work cut out to take the CFL from where you knew it to a level of success that justifies all the hard work and all the investment that my colleagues have put into this over the last couple of years."
"We're in the 21st Century. We have to figure out what the future of this league is in the way every other league has to both do well w/ current customers. And position themselves in a world of the internet & a global world "
"I'm a big fan of vaccine passports. It would simplify things so much. In a pandemic, vaccine passports make sense. Once the pandemic is done, we can rip them up & go back to our usual path."
"We're working with the province and the city to do everything we can to hold a packed stadium and do it safely and responsibly."
"We have such great owners across this league that even when we disagree, we're disagreeing with a mission of trying to improve our league dramatically over the next few years. Don't see any reason why we won't be successful."
"Interesting thing about crises is they create opportunities. They get ppl to pay attention to you and get you to pay attention to your business in a bigger way than you traditionally do. We're seeing interesting opportunities."
"We're talking to some very interesting groups about some interesting opportunities. Who knows where they go? These are opportunities that weren't available to us 18 months ago."

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In case anyone was wondering where Young stood on the XFL thing. That should clear things up.
Enjoy your trad CFL whilst you can, folks.

I'm afraid your right.

He seems to contradict himself by saying he's able to sell this wonderful product and ,on the other hand, exploring new opportunities.

Which is which?

You just don't understand Caretaker talk!
What Caretaker sees is an opportunity in everything.
Caretaker is the most positive guy in the universe!

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You're absolutely right I don't understand the caretaker.

Just wanted some clarification :grin:

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