Ticats at Twocolours Pre-Season Play-By-Play Thread


Tonight at 1900hrs (7:00pm for non-military folk) the Hamilton Tiger-Cats play the Ottawa Twocolours at TD Place Stadium. This game is actually televised on TSN.

This is the opportunity for rookies (and some veterans) to play for their football careers in their attempt to make the team. I’m sure that we will be inundated with all the Wendy’s, Nissan, Home Hardware, etc commercials that we will see unchanged ALL SEASON.

Oskee Wee-Wee!!!


Oh! Sorry. It’s only preseason, my timing is still a little off.

As the original Masoli is mediocre poster, I would like to take this opportunity to announce he’s now been upgraded to “moderate” Masoli.
Thank you.

Go Cats!

I’ll be watching because its Hamilton and they will be in black and yellow (or white and yellow, or maybe black??). But it is like wearing a Rollexx watch or driving a Rolles-Roice. Not really the Tiger-Cats, just a facsimile. :slight_smile:

Here is the depth chart

Lots of starters left home, still a pretty good line up!

I’m wanting Dane to have a great game

I call a TiCat win! :wink:

I have confidence that Dane could get the job BUT they will play Haywood (?) for at least a portion of the game and from what I’ve heard he hasn’t done too much to impress thus far.
Of course the OTTRBs are going to be playing their starters or potential starters for at least a quarter to maybe a half for some, and I expect Davis and Jennings will get the bulk of the snaps since they are the main players in the QB battle so we’ll see if our backups can keep up to their #1s and 2s. Just hope they can score some points and look competitive.

Anyway I’ll be watching and rooting for our guys in black and gold (or white if they’re wearing road unis)

Game’s about to start…

Football. Finally. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

IT’S ON!!!

That first play looked familiar. Is this the 2018 East Final?

Look like high school uniforms out there with the straight black pants and single black number.

Not happy with them at all.

I thought the same, but we held them to a FG so it’s not exactly a continuation.

Seems to me the “old” unis had a gold stripe down the pant which I have to say that I prefer to the all black. Jerseys appear to be unchanged.

Nice return by our returner (whoever he was) Erls is looking good running the ball. And nice grab by #80 (Acklin?)

Yup Good job by Hurst in containing a scrambling Davis - scrambling because our DL was coming at him.

Run D looked pretty good and our offense seems to be clicking against (I presume) their projected starters! :smiley:

Evan’s looking really good so far

Yeah, very cheap looking. The RedBlacks got to keep the outline on their numbers, and the stripe on the pants. Not sure why we had to lose that.


Ageeed. All his passes have been catchable.